Oct 14, 2004

What debate?

And now, the highly anticipated first episode of the latest hit reality TV show... My Big Fat Greek Husband Parks Public Pineapples!

I've found myself spending a great deal of time in the university library the past few weeks. Admittedly, the first few times I stepped in there, I was quite intimidated by its expansive size and overwhelming complexity. So many narrow aisles, so many stories, wings, and tales. I perceived it as a sort of colossal maze with ghastly halls and spacious dungeons blushing with bright fluorescent light. I feared becoming lost deep within the complex and never being able to find my way out. Well, when one is assigned a gigantic research project which requires them to actually take the initiative to search for hard copy, that individual must overcome his trepidation of the unknown and valiantly explore the sensational mysteries of... THE LIBRARY.

I am certainly glad I was forced to overcome, for I now genuinely appreciate the library. As I wander down the narrow carpeted corridors, both paws outstretched on either side of me sliding along book after book or periodical after periodical, I feel empowered. To simply have unlimited access to an unfathomable amount of information and knowledge arouses such a sensation within me, and I revel in it. I love the feel of genuine 19th century texts, the rough old pages, the way they smell when I open them up. The sweet, sharp musty fragrance emanated by tens of thousands of old, worn bindings evokes an invigorating feeling within me, and actually inspires my scholarly impulses; my thirst for illimitable intellectual discoveries. I sniff no farther than the library for the scent of knowledge, which motivates my mind to dive deep into whatever academic subject matter catches my observant eye. I often stroll up and down the myriad narrow aisles of the general collection, letting various books catch my eye and investigating them further. And rarely am I distracted by any humans... if they notice me in any aisle, they quickly turn around and head off to the next, as if I give off some sort of ominous radar warning them that terrible consequences shall ensue should they invade my territory any further. That or I smell bad. Either way, the library is an exceptional place to be alone in perfect silence. The tranquil atmosphere is indeed delightful... I'm always able to locate a study desk to hide behind in some isolated corner where hardly anyone ever ventures... and I can become lost in intense studying or undisturbed imaginative thought for hours. No one ever messes with me anywhere I go, particularly the library... I'm quite thankful for that. Sadly, places like Borders just don't compare. I may be surrounded by thousands of wonderful books and music there, but there simply isn't a comfortable place to hide from all the shoppers. The cafe is lovely, but too often crowded. At least half the time, the music playing is barely tolerable. Whereas Borders is still occupied with plenty of customers even after 10:00 at night, the library after 10:00 is virtually empty, and I often feel as if I have the entire complex to myself. What a wonderful feeling, indeed... I can usually spend the last hour before closing time imagining I'm being hunted down by someone or something that's silently pacing the halls in hopes of robbing me of my furry hide. Of course, I know all the maneuvers of a true spy. When a custodian sees me holding a mock firearm up in the air and sidling along a wall of books, that's when I know it's time to take my wolfplay outside.

If I'm not already a serious recluse in the world surrounding me, I've certainly become one online as well. Over a month since my last dedicated entry in this journal, and even longer since a proper website update. Well, once I ramp this tremendous wave of school projects, I plan to update things more frequently. All the photography I've accomplished in the past few months deserves to be properly archived. Certain aspects of my life are worth mentioning more often for a few deserving readers. VGC can kiss my furry butt, as it took up far too much of my time, and I don't feel most of those nutjobs are worthy of my input anymore. To be quite honest, I haven't for years. That must make me sound awfully pompous, but that matters not, as I never allow anyone to discourage me from stating what I truly think and feel where I have every right and desire to express myself.

Don't let my big sniffer get a whiff of any cheese you might have lying around. My mother can certainly attest to that not being a good idea. I was back home for two days and I inhaled a baby loaf of cheddar like a whiff of oxygen. Mm...

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