Aug 22, 2008

My TV antenna won't pick up the religious channel. GODDAMNIT!

Aug 16, 2008

nothing says "expressing your individuality" like this trendy device.

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kids and leashes

As posted by Beachboy on Punaweb:

"As I await a flight back to Puna at the Honolulu Airport. I tend to enjoy people watching something my grandparents were experts at. But what caught my eyes today was this tourist/father walking around with his daughter. THe daughter appeared to be under 3 of age, I'd guess. But what caught my attention with these two was the leash!!! I hate to see parents who walk their kids on leashes. This is some real disturbing stuff for me! I really, really get pissed off with parents that take this lazy route with their children. I have gotten into the faces of these parents before too. It really breaks my heart to see kids with leashes on them. I mean it's somewhat disturbing for me to see animals on leashes too.

Am I be crazy with this? Or do the majority of you folks agree with me, in that no kid belongs on a leash,...never This kinda crap really ,really bothers me because I love kids so much!"

Well, have you ever stopped to consider that maybe some unruly children belong on leashes? Surely, it's not just for show. When I'm strolling through public places, such as stores, and I see little screeching monsters recklessly careening down the aisles, or (as I witnessed one time at Costco) swinging from an electrical cord hanging from the ceiling, I wish their parents would equip them with choke collars and keep them on a very tight leash. I am a proponent of kids on leashes. That ought to learn them, since it's obvious the parents have no disciplinary control over them otherwise. And for those who point out in disgust that using a leash on a child is akin to "treating them like animals," might I point out that many animals act more civilized than most kids that age that I come across.

If you think that's "real disturbing stuff," then I hope you get a chance to witness what some other people do with leashes in public. Ever heard of "slave/master" relationships?

Mind your own business, Mr. Beachboy.

Aug 13, 2008

Obama not "American" enough, some say

HONOLULU -- While Sen. Barack Obama enjoyed his vacation home to the islands with his family, it is also possible his Hawaii roots may be used against him in the presidential campaign.

First, an ABC network commentator said his Hawaii vacation made no sense. Others said his upbringing in Hawaii and Indonesia can be used to make him seem less American than Sen. John McCain.

Three days from celebrating the 49th anniversary of statehood, Hawaii is once again defending its place in America while some say it is still too "exotic" a place to visit or even be born.

ABC's Cokie Roberts said Obama's Hawaii trip made no sense when he was not ahead in the polls.

"But it has the look of him going off to some sort of foreign, exotic place. He should be in Myrtle Beach," Roberts said on ABC's This Week.

"She's a bit of a fool. That's the only thing you can say," U.S. Rep. Neil Abercrombie said.

Hawaii Sen. Dan Inouye said he was shocked and saddened by the remarks, which reminded him of pre-statehood attitudes.

"We've been fighting this for 50 years now," he said. "I think we've conducted ourselves in an American way."

Meanwhile, the idea of directly using Hawaii against Obama was apparently floated within Sen. Hillary Clinton's campaign last year.

Clinton Strategist Mark Penn wrote, "Obama's boyhood in Indonesia and his life in Hawaii... exposes a very strong weakness for him -- his roots to basic American values and culture are at best limited... I cannot imagine America electing a president during a time of war... who is not at his center fundamentally American in his thinking and values..."

Clinton rejected the strategy, but some say an ad from McCain hints at the same theme.

Inouye hopes the campaigns are not going there.

"The question comes up" what is America, and who is American?" Inouye said. "I would resent anyone suggesting that my roots are not American."

McCain's Hawaii co-chair Kimberly Pine said McCain talks about being an American to emphasize his own values, not to contrast with Obama. There are anti-Obama groups trying to emphasize Obama's race or upbringing, she said. The orders from McCain are not to use those tactics, which she said they consider un-American.

Neither the Obama campaign nor Cokie Roberts returned KITV's calls.

I had a feeling Obama's Hawaiian background would eventually be used against him by anti-Obama whiners. Why not? Jealousy, probably, that he's from a place as exotic and foreign as Hawaii and he gets to spend a week there, while they're stuck with Myrtle Beach, or some shitty overdeveloped spread of sand in florida.

People come up with the most ridiculous bullshit to use against the opponent of their politician of choice, and others just hop on the bandwagon and say "yea, he's right, i mean think about it that's sew unamerican LOL. i bet he eats weird foreign hawaiian stuff like sushi and poy (sp?) and spam musubi, WHATEVER THAT IS LOL. i even heard hawaii has lotz of rainbows, that sounds pretty exotic (woops even the word 'exotic' is too exotic), i mean gay. yeah, rainbows just scream gay. and you know what 'foreign' translates to. TEARERIST!!!lol."

That is why I pay only very limited attention to this presidential race. It often makes me feel like I'm in fourth grade all over again.

Timothy Shriver's comments on 'Tropic Thunder'

This guy needs to loosen his tie and pull the rod out of his ass:

I agree with most of the article's commenters. I'll probably go see it in the theater just to spite people like him.

Aug 5, 2008

a very expensive enema

there are people who are fanatical over this "miraculous advance in alternative healing" known as "colon cleansing." apparently, it's supposed to relieve all sorts of ailments not even related to the colon and make you a happier person overall. colonix is just one example of the myriad colon-cleansing products available.

in case it isn't obvious already, just look up a website with actual scientific facts and you'll quickly realize these people are so full of shit that no miraculous product is really going to help their asses. but this is just another way for people to make money off of something your body does all by itself or there are simple homemade remedies for. you can support the bowel movement without donating to these capitalistic assholes.

some of the testimonials on the right column remind me just how fucking weird people are.

"I've eaten my words, and digested them quite well thanks to your program." that is hilarious.

"Yes, [Colonix is] an expense, but will cost you less in the end, and maybe even your life!" uhh...

my favorite: "54 years of constipation and finally my prayers have been answered."