Aug 5, 2008

a very expensive enema

there are people who are fanatical over this "miraculous advance in alternative healing" known as "colon cleansing." apparently, it's supposed to relieve all sorts of ailments not even related to the colon and make you a happier person overall. colonix is just one example of the myriad colon-cleansing products available.

in case it isn't obvious already, just look up a website with actual scientific facts and you'll quickly realize these people are so full of shit that no miraculous product is really going to help their asses. but this is just another way for people to make money off of something your body does all by itself or there are simple homemade remedies for. you can support the bowel movement without donating to these capitalistic assholes.

some of the testimonials on the right column remind me just how fucking weird people are.

"I've eaten my words, and digested them quite well thanks to your program." that is hilarious.

"Yes, [Colonix is] an expense, but will cost you less in the end, and maybe even your life!" uhh...

my favorite: "54 years of constipation and finally my prayers have been answered."

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