Feb 16, 2005


I experienced something most phenomenal today.

I was driving down Waianuenue Avenue (I don't expect non-Hawaiianers to pronounce that properly), past all the schools and into downtown, not initially expecting anything to happen. I was admittedly being rather spastic, lost in the dark harmonious tunes of Peter Murphy and devoting just enough concentration toward driving to avoid hitting anything. Suddenly, something snapped me out of my little trance, and I almost reflexively hit the brakes. It was nothing I could initially see or hear. It was something I felt, something I imagined. I had a vision of a raccoon running across the road right in front of my car, and it lasted less than a split second. That was all it took to get me to depress the brake pedal. Not more than two seconds later, two cats, one closely following the other, appeared seemingly out of nowhere and ran across the road in front of me toward the left lane before disappearing into the trees. Their approximate distance in front of my moving vehicle was no more than ten feet, and if I hadn't applied the brakes they would have been roadkill, just like my conscience.

I cannot dismiss as a simple coincidence the astounding connection between my vision and the cats running across the street. I feel the actual event is something I must have predicted somehow. The entire way home, I was absorbed in my music, and did not halfway expect anything to run out onto the road ahead of me. All of a sudden, a vision of an animal crossing the road compels me to hit the brakes, and two seconds later two kamikaze kitties jaywalk in front of me. Yes, it's awfully difficult to regard that as coincidence.

Phenomena such as this has occured throughout my life, and every time it does happen, I become further assured that humans and animals alike have a sixth sense, weakly developed as it may be. It may allow us to predict significant events in our day that have yet to occur, if only a couple seconds from now. This sense could simply be rooted in our instinct for survival; it may be responsible for saving lives everyday.

Often, though, it simply keeps me out of trouble. I cannot remember the last time I overslept through a class, as I always naturally wake up in time to get ready for school. If I have class at 9:00 in the morning, I usually wake up between 7 and 7:30, then fall back asleep. I don't bother setting an alarm, because I always wake up at or before 8:30. Most of the time, I naturally wake up exactly half an hour before class starts, give or take a few seconds. This has always left me in awe, and I wonder if anyone else experiences anything similar. In another instance, I have an instructor this semester that likes to call on students for answers. In spite of, or perhaps because of my deliberate rear corner-huddling, I seem to be one of her favourite targets. As often as I space out and daydream in economics class, I can always seem to predict a couple minutes ahead of time when she is going to ask me a question. I receive a sort of mental cue to start paying attention. Nothing I can physically observe or recognise assists in my ability to predict it ... it is entirely extrasensory.

This may not sound unusual, but I can also always tell when someone is looking at me. I can feel their gaze upon me, and I feel wildly violated. I can tell when someone has been in my personal space, such as my bedroom or apartment in the past few hours. I simply feel the remnants of their presence, and sometimes find it disturbing. When outside, wandering about where I think I should be alone, I can usually feel the presence of a human soul within a mile radius. This enables me to keep on my guard, and keep from getting caught if I am somewhere I should not be. I believe it must be much harder to sneak things by individuals with a stronger than average sixth sense. One might consider being as honest as possible to someone who demonstrates abilities of precognition.

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