Feb 17, 2006

Oh my god...

...I love Tariq.


I swear Tariq isn't me. My long lost twin brother, perhaps, but no, I didn't write that. Wow, this makes me so happy and that much less alone in the world.

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Kinuki said...

I think I now understand why so many people say 'awesome' instead of something else.

I've noticed that the more you are with someone, the more you pick up, whether subconsciously or not, their mannerisms, including speech patterns. You hear a word said so often by that person that it begins worming its way into your vocabulary as well.

A good example of this is that, if I say something and someone misses it and asks 'What?' I'll go, 'Exactly' (because being a smart ass is so much fun X3.) Doing this for several months with my friend has caused her to inadvertently begin saying 'Exactly' as well, something she didn't notice she was doing right away.

So if one person begins saying 'awesome', pretty soon, his close friends will start saying it as well; and their friends will pick up on it and so forth. And having so many other people constantly saying it reinforces the use of that word. I'll go ahead and admit I still say 'awesome,' and I usually don't realize I've said it until after the fact. Oh well, old habits die hard. At least I'm trying to kill that one. ^^;;;