May 24, 2004

First post.

I really wish I had erectile deficiency. That way, I could take some miracle medication that will enhance my maleness, then smile vacuously like a doofus as I hit a hole in one! After all, since sexual satisfaction appears to be the ultimate key to happiness, if you score with your old lady for the first time in years, nothing can keep you from smiling ear to ear the next day. Speaking of "male enhancement," why isn't it "penis enhancement"? There are plenty of things about the average male that would probably be best left unenhanced. What is it about the word "penis" that makes it so unmentionable? The mere mention of the word penis seems to make some people do a double take. Penis. Perhaps "penile enhancement" would be a more effective term, as "penile" doesn't sound quite as 'caustic' as "penis." And instead of showing a guy grinning from ear to ear as they putt a little dimpled ball into a hole with a crooked stick, why not show something a little less subtly sexually suggestive?

Excuse me, I have just become entirely fed up with these types on ads on television. I only watch television for an occasional baseball game or nature program, yet never a time goes by that I don't see one of these commercials. I personally prefer not to watch the homely middle-aged men in these "male enhancement" ads and be led to think about the very reason why they look so happy. Still, it's not the commercials themselves that provoke such an irate reaction from me; it's something deeper. Admittedly, I'm becoming rather terrified of this nation's developing philosophy that just about every personal issue can and should be resolved by swallowing a pill. What ever happened to researching methods for zesting up your foreplay, or fighting depression with rationale and support from friends? So many people are medicated these days for such a variety of reasons, it disturbs me. Now, I realize many have conditions that require them to take some form of medication to help them function on an acceptable level, but it seems far too many are too quickly turning to drugs for the solution to their problems. No, I'm *not* speaking of heroin, cocaine, PCP, or anything so "awful" it's banned by the government. I'm referring to the drugs that the government actually approves of; drugs that could be potentially more dangerous in different ways than the illegal drugs previously mentioned: Happy pills. Weight loss pills. Sex drive pills. Etc. Just take a gander at some of the possible side effects of some of these drugs. They always list them so quickly in the TV ads, while showing beautiful scenes of handsome people getting the most out of life, as if they had not a care in the world. Amidst the dazzling visuals; the allure of how happy you apparently could be if you took their drug, the side effects must seem trivial to many people. Yes, I might have constant diarrhea and have to sit on the toilet for hours a day, but as long as I can maintain an erection all the while, I'm all right! The current generation of children is being fed pills by the handful by delusional liberal parents who overreact to the slightest little mental or social deficiency they might exhibit. Since many parents these days seem too afraid to actually *gasp* discipline their kids properly, once they start causing trouble in school, being too hyperactive or uncooperative, they'll go ahead and assume what's best for them is some sort of prescription medicine that will set them straight and make them behave. Yes, let's leave it to drugs to make things work. McDonald's sales pitches take advantage of the vulnerability of youth by trying to pull children in at any early age so they'll be hooked on their disgusting greaseburgers for the rest of their lives. It's these same parents that feed their children this nutrionally deficient garbage three times a week that hook their children on happy pills instead of offering them a warm home and solid emotional support like any decent parents should. So much for a drug-free America.

Medication may often be the easiest solution, but is it always the best? I personally believe before using a pill to obtain what they need, people should first search for it in their minds. Logic and perseverance are powerful medicine. Of course, I have never required any long-term medication program or treatment plan for anything. I suppose I am quite fortunate in that regard.

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Anonymous said...

The best solution to America's problems: famine. Nobody, then, would have time to contemplate their sordid state of affairs. As an added bonus, cannibalism would become the proper thing to do at a social function.

In all seriousness, something is being done to counteract America's medicated state: culture jamming. Media hacking. Research those two terms. Should provide some consolation.

Take care.