May 28, 2004

Too much eye candy is rotting my brain.

When I first saw the preview for The Day After Tomorrow, my immediate thought was, "not another disaster movie."

After reading a few summaries on the movie describing its plot and several other details, I thought, "not another disaster movie."

Every disaster movie I've ever seen has been a complete joke, barely worth shaking a tail at. I've seen Dante's Peak, Volcano, Twister, and a few others that don't even deserve mention, and I must say, they were all terrible. Then again, maybe I focus too much on the contrived character relations and miserable excuses for a plot. Well, is this one going to be any different? Obviously, people don't watch these kinds of movies for intellectual stimulation, though I imagine there are quite a few poor souls out there who actually believe California could slide off into the ocean and sink. No, it's just mindless entertainment for the short attention-spanned who don't see movies to think, but to simply be mesmorized by exaggerated special effects. Far too many people I know are going ape over wanting to see this movie. It just seems to me that many older films are so great because they didn't have the technological capability to take an hour and 30 minutes and fill it up with pretty CGI-rendered effects and try to pass it off as a legitimate movie. The same goes for many independent filmmakers who can't afford to make easy profits by simulating the destruction of the Statue of Liberty semi-convincingly. And thus, innovative, thought-provoking films that relied on finely crafted classical story-telling elements instead of 'omg that 500 foot wave looks so cool' were born.

However, I am eagerly awaiting Michael Moore's new movie. He can be such a fat clown, but I find his films distinctly entertaining. Some say he's overrated, but you have to admit, he has some kind of talent for 'touching' his interviewees.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you that disaster movies and a lot of other big hollywood blockbusters are lacking in quality. Some people go to the movies for different reasons though. Some want the entertainment of special affects, some want to go and use their brain, some want the adrenaline rush of an action packed movie, some want to laugh, and some want to cry and feel a range of other profound emotions. Some people go for all of the above. Yes, some movie goers lack intelligence, but let's not get too hasty and critizice everyone who saw that movie. :) Some people may enjoy that type of thing and maybe they stimulate themselves intellectually in some other manner. Movies are entertaining. I know for me, I have a bad habit of liking "chick flicks" even though I am aware of how cheesy and unrealistic they can sometimes be.