Aug 6, 2004

Sorry, computer, you'll have to sleep outside tonight

Peculiar how things work sometimes. I just today received notification from my realtor that the apartment owner does not allow desktop computers in his places. Laptop computers are okay, desktop computers are not. Curious as I am, something tells me I don't even want to know the reason why. It all smells like a big steamy pile to me, especially since they'd wait this long to notify me of such an absurd restriction. This is just after they told me I'd have to move downstairs due to a "cracked toilet." As far as this apartment I've had my sights set on is concerned, all signs point to N-O. Coincidentally, my mother's boss at the restaurant, aware of my quest for a domicile, informed her that she was renting houses just a mile or two out of town, and that one of the tenants was leaving. No word on how much it would cost per month yet, but having my own house seems appealing to me. Maybe the odds are going to end up completely in my favor– from a slimy, flooded basement of a nut house to the junky rear of an antique shop on a busy street to an adequate upstairs studio apartment where desktop computers aren't allowed to a house in the hills. Maybe not. What remains true either way is that it's nice to have connections ... and fascinating to sit back and analyze the ways karma and chance are connected. The best I can do is proceed with the attitude that what is meant to happen will happen. Maybe I won't even make it into school this semester, and maybe that will be for the better. I'm definitely looking forward to my courses, though.

I don't feel like typing much else, but I've been burning a lot of incense lately, ever since I discovered the wicca store (I'm telling you, this region gets stranger and stranger) down the hill which sells 75 different varieties of it (vanilla moonlight is my favorite), and I want this. "Satellite" by Oceanlab is a deeply meaningful and delightful morsel of euphony I can dance to beneath my strobe light, and I need a microwave. Oh, and one more thing: elves are overrated, and I want to send a throwing knife straight through Legolas's jugular.


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