Jan 17, 2005

I've been listening to "Agua Para Mis Abuelos" by Icarus throughout the day, and... I swear it, that drum & bass instrumental does something to me I cannot quite define. It's like a paintbrush that dips into the deepest well of my soul, saturating its fine bristles in a reserve of liquid euphoria less oft tapped with each year that meanders further from the magical mystery of childhood, and splatters it all over the trembling inner walls of my spirit. There are songs you consider great and hold very dear to yourself, and then there are songs that manifest themselves in your heart and soul, and essentially become a part of you. Even when you are not actually listening to said music, it still plays on. You don't hear the notes; you feel them instead, and the harmony plays on over your shoulder. Rarely does any song affect me so intensely, but there are a few others in my possession that do. It's hard not to be overcome with a sense of warmth and anticipation when considering how many more such songs I will discover in the future ... how many are already out there waiting to be discovered by me, and how many are yet to be composed. Perhaps a song that shall touch me in ways I cannot conceive is presently but an inkling of a preconception in the mind of an artist, who's vacillating over whether or not he should act upon it.

Perhaps I shall attempt to create electronic music of my own, someday. The inspiration is there, and so is the fascination.

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