Jun 9, 2005

Look at us, we're beautiful.

I have only two more exams standing in the way between me and freedom. I was going to set aside a considerable amount of time this evening to study, but I found that I simply don't have the incentive. I am over school, already. My three presentations today (two for physical anth., one for HPE) took just about everything I had. I'm sure I'll still do fine on the upcoming tests, and I am through poring over this dry subject matter. ...For now. Perhaps I'll do a quick review in the morning. A couple quick multiple-choice (guess?) exams and I am finished. Finished. Wow... I feel as if I am essentially coming off a half-year semester. I haven't had a proper vacation from intense studying since the beginning of January. Even spring break was spent scurrying to pull citable sources off the shelf and the databases, and trying to make a dent in the wall before it closed in on me and left me feeling unbearably claustrophobic.

I did well in the spring, though, earning three A's, a B, and a C. I even managed to put several weeks in to some lousy farm job on the side and deal with the racket of those evil coqui frogs at night, always trying to steal my magic bag with a verdant vindictiveness, but somehow still keeping my sanity preserved. Congratulations, Neal, have a jam roll. Or maybe that gold star you've been craving for some time now...

And now, I am looking at the Renaissance Hotel I will be staying at in Vancouver using Google Earth (an improvement over Google Keyhole, which takes the user anywhere on Earth they care to go). The detail of this satellite imagery is astonishing. Give me an address and I'll find your house!

This afternoon, I happened to catch sight of a funnel cloud over the sea... nothing worth panicking over, but enough to be greatly intrigued by. Meteorology fascinates me...

I feel as if I have little else to say. I'm tired of sitting here and writing, and am ready to start going out and doing.

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