Apr 28, 2008

Miscellaneous notes

Just started a new game of FFVI after finishing SFA again. What I really want is a Wii and Okami, and my tax return check would cover the expense. But I have already decided that I am going to pay down a credit card with it instead, and work quite a bit harder in May so I can both afford the things I want and continue to make a significant dent in my credit debt.

I really don't like Evanescence at all, but their songs are pretty fun to remix.

I hardly ever go up to the town of Waikoloa because it's the closest thing to a Southern California suburb there is here, but I went the other day (mostly to get a better view of a lightning storm) and discovered that they have a really nice grocery store and a very cool pub full of blacklights known as Sharky's. The weather has also been scaring away most of the sun-worshiping golfers, so that's a definite plus.

I'm pretty tired of not so much the internet in general, but the way so many people express themselves online. What the hell is with "teh," "ftw," "moar," "pwn," and "zomg," not to mention countless other horrible abominations of typographical decency? Also, "fapping" is probably the worst onomatopœia I've ever heard of. Seems much more like a sound that would be made during sex.

Our active volcano has been gassing up the islands quite a bit, especially when the winds shifted. It's pretty surreal to suddenly drive into a thick veil of vog, wherein the sky is pretty much completely blotted out and the sun resembles some ominous red planet. Fortunately I can breathe just fine even in heavy levels of SO2.

I've been thinking about how I could sell my photography locally in order to generate a profit. The fact is, tourists will spend money on pretty much anything, as long as it's Hawaiian-related. They love souvenirs. What better to take home and show people than beautiful shots of the islands they could hardly muster with their little disposable Fujifilms? It probably wouldn't be much more complicated than making a few dozen prints of my best work, placing them in travel-size frames, and getting a space reserved at a farmer's market to showcase them. I've seen other local photographers do just that, and they seem fairly well off. Of course, I have this problem with a little thing called motivation. I feel even less motivated to continue searching for conventional jobs, but fortunately I can relax a little now that I'm doing odd hours as a spotter.

Just got a 100 pack of Sony music CD-R's at Costco. Let this be a kick in the tail to finally burn those CD's I owe a couple people

Seems like the old truck needs a valve adjustment. I can hear the valves click-clacking during acceleration, and it feels more gutless than it should be. Of course, just one wayward valve makes a much more significant difference in a four-cylinder engine than it would in a six-cylinder. Definitely needs to be timed as well.

I wish it would rain up here like it rained in Waikoloa. At least the wind is back after a few days' absence, so moisture usually follows. It's such a beautifully dark afternoon right now, I shouldn't even be inside.

Piece out.

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fleetingentity said...

It's been quite windy here too, and just I love it...but no sign of rain, and with our luck I don't think its coming back till ol' monsoon season late summer *frowns* Seems like you're enjoying yourself in the meantime my dear, nice to see you're alive and well ;)