Apr 23, 2008

Self own

The convenience of possessing a cell phone is barely worth the complications. There is the monthly bill, and the total expenses come out to between $450-$600 a year... providing you are careful enough not to exceed your monthly minutes. Much time and effort is wasted in trying to sort through all the policies, restrictions, and strings attached with a cell phone plan. Then there are all the BS bonus features carriers try to sell you on, like 10,000 free smilies for your phone, 3,000 free text messages per month, and 500 monthly ringtones. I never use any of that shit, but I've already been a victim of not reading the fine print close enough and accidentally checking some box somewhere that signed me up for it.

I would love to not be a customer of these greedy, scammy carriers, and I still don't feel comfortable being bound to a 2-year contract, either (which, by the by, cost $175 to break, unless they jacked that price up as well). I bring my cell phone nearly everywhere I drive, but it's mostly because I have one. There is no point in leaving something I pay for at home, especially if it could potentially get me out of an emergency. But I'd rather have a pay-by-the-minute plan since I never come close to using all of the monthly minutes I pay for. The display screen on my current phone is jacked to the point where I can't read anything on it, and I'll probably have to get a new one, but I'm not entitled to a new free one until September. In truth, even after owning a cell phone for several years, I think I could easily adapt to having no cell phone at all and just use a home phone with an answering machine. That would be one less accessory I feel the need to carry around with me and pay for.

As for the iPhone, I don't need a computer with me everywhere I go, either... and I don't even want to always be reachable.

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fleetingentity said...

I totally agree...I didn't even have one until last year when I couldn't easily access the land line to call home. I have a pay by the minute, and I personally love it because I know I'm only paying for what I use. I also don't have to deal with the stupid free crap and internet since I choose not to. I think for you it's something worth looking into whenever you can. As for the unwanted calls and such, I only give my number out to those I want calling me.
You could do that too, you know...never know when you'll get a plesant surprise conversation ;) *hugs*