May 10, 2008

Broadcast from above the clouds, 5/10/08

Keck Observatory's facilities are world-class compared to Gemini. The toilets are space-age, the kitchen is clean and well-stocked (with a proper range), the lighting is very comfortable and dim, the internet is several times faster than my broadband at home, there is much more space to move around, the temperature is kept at a much more reasonable setting, caffeinated beverages are well-supplied, and so far I've had this dark computing/conference room entirely to myself.

The time seems to pass slightly faster during the alternating hour in which I'm inside screwing around, as opposed to the hour in which I'm outside sitting around in the below freezing outdoors watching the stars and letting my imagination carry me away. Neither is that bad, though. I just got the zipper on my luxurious Polar-Tec jacket repaired, so that helps.

I would join in on the video gaming, but apparently all everyone wants to play are games like Medal of Halo Duty Recon 4 and a half. Yawwwwwwwn. I really want to bring a Wii and some Mario Kart up here, but that will have to wait until I'm not broke. I wonder what they would say to SNES?

Hmm... after an introspective entry in my handwritten journal, I was surprised at how many possible or likely reasons I came up with as to why I have been feeling anything but chipper most of the time. I suppose it helps to try to get to the root of it all, rather than continually attempting to kill my feelings. Up here, I have all night to think about things, and that can be both good and bad. But when I'm at work I can at least experience the satisfaction that I'm doing something productive, even if I don't always have a blast.

I really need to remember to bring some good movies up here with me next time, like Balls of Fury and Raising Arizona. I get the impression I'm not the only one who up here who would enjoy such movies, and I've been getting back into ping-pong since I started this job. No kidnapping though, yet.

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fleetingentity said...

Just remember that website I posted awhile back, ConsoleClassix...
and all your gaming demons will be appeased :P