Jun 23, 2008

Entering World 4-1

I'm surprised just how cool my apartment keeps, even throughout an overly warm and humid summer afternoon (this afternoon was the first time since I moved in a week ago that I've seen the sun shine in Hilo). I know having a large floor fan right near my bed and dual ceiling fans helps, but I think it's more so the fact that the main living area where I sleep has some bunker-like qualities. It's halfway below ground, and it has a very cool tile floor. It's nice to have it so cool and comfortable without A/C. I imagine the upstairs is quite a bit warmer, though. There's no mystery behind our coyote friends digging their dens below ground in the desert. Comfortably cool and dark is how we like it.

Went out and explored a hedge maze in the moonlight last night. It was kind of lame, though, since the hedge is only about four feet tall, so I wasn't actually surprised by any dead ends. I guess it could have been a blast for kids, midgets, and things that don't stand tall on two feet. I wish we had a maze like the one from The Shining, or something out of Starfox Adventures to explore. Still, it was a wonderfully serene little stroll through the rain forest. Surrounded by abundant life and plants so cartoonishly large I felt like I was touring World 4 from Super Mario Brothers 3, thick vines wrapping their fingers around everything they could get a grasp on, and amidst it all, a gently cascading mountain stream.

Also took a drive up the road from where I live... a narrow, winding paved road that ascends up the hills, traversing lush gulches and narrow wooden bridges into beautiful lush countryside. Only a few residences are scattered about up there, ranging from modern palaces to humble (putting it kindly) squatter shacks teetering on the edges of cliffs with blue tarps compensating for rotted out walls. The road seems to twist and turn up the mountain forever before it turns to gravel... then just keeps on going. There's a small church and a pleasant little park with a pavilion way up there. With everything covered in a veil of mist and sweeping grassy knolls amongst large patches of forest, the whole area reminded me of something out of Ireland rather than Hawaii. There are all kinds of side roads leading off into the woods and rugged trails heading toward small secluded swimming holes. Not much traffic on the main road, either. What a sensational place that would be to bring a mountain bike, day or night. Flying back down would be even more fun than climbing up. Can hardly wait to restore mine to working order.

Here are a few shots I took of my place and the surrounding neighborhood: http://timberwolf.smugmug.com/gallery/5205705_qtTJk

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