Jun 12, 2008

A post about movies

Oh great, yet another fucking superhero movie has been on the tip of everyone's tongue. *does an Incredible Sulk*

You know, The Hulk just made an appearance on the big screen five years ago, but this time, he's incredible. An Incredible Hulk of Shit. I'll just go ahead and admit that I dislike most movies based on comic books to the point nearly to the point of hating them. V for Vendetta is an exception, but that wasn't quite the same as all the Batman, Spiderman, Cuntman, or whateverman movies that have come out in recent history.

I've got an idea for a new one: The Ambiguously Fabulous Four. I bet that one would have plenty of flamboyant eye candy, especially if it stars the Star Fox team. We're definitely overdue for a Starfox movie already.

Generally, I'm not a huge sci-fi fan either, which may seem bizarre coming from a furry. Star Wars is ok I guess. The latter three episodes at least. I've never been much into movies about aliens or galactic empires. I'd actually rather watch non-fictional documentaries about scientific advances in outer space. Something relevant to the world and universe in which I live and breathe. The Matrix is my kind of sci-fi, though it's more a cross-breed of action.

I'd say my favourite "superhero flick" was Donnie Darko, because it was subtle, thought-provoking, disturbing, and requires several watches to appreciate and even begin to understand. Of course, your average popcorn-munching 13 year-old and his junior high school buddies probably wouldn't have the attention span to sit through the first half hour of it, as there are no high-speed chases through the streets or outer space, scantily clad supermodels, totally hawt actors, and mindless corny dialogue to bridge the gaps between action-packed scenes full of sick [sic] special effects. Hey, I don't mind special effects, but I prefer movies that are heavier on substance and plot. I prefer movies that mess with the mind. Psychological dramas like K-PAX and psychological thrillers like The Sixth Sense are very much my cup of energy drink.

Of course, I like pretty much all types of comedies: quirky, black, slapstick, romantic, British. Just as long as it doesn't involve Eddie Murphy or Martin Lawrence in a fatsuit, or anything close to the degree of reprehensible shitfuckery that is Little Man.

And I naturally love adventure movies full of fur-raising escapades out in the wild or in some booby-trapped dungeon. Into the Wild was a good film. Action is of course an enjoyable genre as well. The Hunted is a superb chase-down-the-fugitive film featuring a great deal of majestic scenery in and around Portland, Oregon and Oregonian rainforests. Can't go wrong with movies like Snatch or Fight Club either.

Then there are mobster movies! Can't get enough of those. And for contrast, there are cute and clever cartoons like Over the Hedge, Madagascar, and Flushed Away.

I do enjoy coming across people with similar tastes in movies; people who don't just settle for gobbling up all the shit that regularly comes out in theaters.

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