Jul 13, 2008

Miscellaneous thought dump pt. 1

Another thing I like about Super Mario All-Stars is that the updated level music for the original SMB game sounds as if it was reorchestrated by Jimmy Buffett after a few margaritas. Makes me want to grab a jug of rum and swing in the hammock while heaving fireballs at flying turtles.


John McCain, you're old. And frankly, you're not at all attractive to look at. Are you storing acorns in your cheeks? You look like you belong in a coffin. We don't need all your experience being a politician. Barack Obama, you're from Hawaii, you look youthful and handsome, and seem like a man who will get things done rather than just say they'll get done. And you getting elected would piss off a lot of republicans. I'm totally voting for you, brother, so keep chillin'.


I'm going camping under the moonlight for awhile, but I'll be sure to bring my iPhone with me and stay constantly connected. That way all my dope sk8r budz can stay in touch with me wherever I go, and know exactly where I am all times using the sick built-in GPS feature. Haha, psych. I'm going somewhere so remote I may as well be slipping off the face of the earth, and I would never waste my money on something that lets others keep constant track of my exact whereabouts. I'm reaching out and connecting to mother nature, and I shall have excellent reception.

1 comment:

fleetingentity said...

I can't believe that.
"Chicks dig the iphone."
*lol* What a loser!`Oh and the other guy says he can stop thinking about how he's gonna touch it? Like it's human or what? These people are seriously disturbed... I swear sometimes I just wish natural selection would move a bit faster.