Jul 4, 2008

Tear it down.

*snorts* I honestly wish some vicious storm would suddenly come along and wipe out all these cheap beer-guzzling, bass note-dropping, smoke-fanning, horn-honking revelers. After it was over, I would walk out and stand amongst the rubble, gazing up at the beautiful post-tempest cloud formations, breathing in the fresh air while the birds and other wildlife emerged safely out of hiding to join me, all of us enjoying together the aftermath of immaculate silence and tranquility.

I'm already detached from society with most of my psyche, but days like today only make me wish I had quite the audacity to completely extricate myself from civilization. Every instinct of mine points away, away, away.

p.s. The Pink Floyd show was the one thing I had to look forward to but it was canceled this week because of the stupid fucking holiday.

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