Jul 24, 2004

And so we watch the sun come up...

...From the edge of the deep green sea.

With this euphonious song from the latest band I'm becoming obsessed with playing on repeat, I headed down a seldom-traveled dirt road to a familiar place on the shoreline; a place I hadn't been to in months, but felt as if I was just there yesterday. Let's see if I can scrounge up an image of it. ... Ah yes, here we go:

The road usually looks like this:

But lately, it's rained so seldomly it's turned into a dust bowl populated by brown grass. We need some moisture.

Even though I'd visited this particular area a few dozen times before, I've never encountered another soul there. Just a few paces beyond the end of the road lay the edge of the deep blue sea at the base of a sea cliff. Last winter, I took a few shots of one of my favorite frolicking spots submerged beneath the powerful surf:

One typically descends the face of the small cliff using the rope, which should be visible in the picture, but every three minutes, a colossal wave would wash over everything, making such an activity highly unsafe. Today, however, it was amazingly calm down there. The tide was low, exposing a broad, dry area at the base of the cliffs. And of course, the tide pools, the finest for swimming in the area, looked incredibly appealing to me:

The water looked clean and pure, and was actually lukewarm. Not only that, they were several feet deeper than I am tall. Though the sun had already set and the breeze was cool, I still felt compelled to take a dip. So I stripped and waded in, leaving only my sandals on, for concern of who knows what could be lying on the bottom. It turned out "the bottom" was comprised of nothing more than large smooth boulders, covered by a thick mossy-like growth .. I would have been comfortable enough swimming barefoot, so I did. There's nothing like being completely free. Of course, the water was perfect. It took my body no time at all to become accustomed to the temperature. I must have spent a good forty-five minutes enjoying myself, lying on my back, staring up at the periwinkle twilight sky and the half moon gazing back at me from right beside the ironwood trees with their long, greygreen leaves whispering in the wind. Must I mention that it was beautiful?

When I got home, I turned on the Dish and started flipping through the channels. For once, I'm glad I did. I reached the Disney channel just in time to reach the opening theme song for Bonkers. Awesome possum. I'd forgotten about the show, but I once watched it on a daily basis, and remember being quite enamored of the wacky feline cop. Watching him again was a thoroughly pleasant nostalgia trip. Even better, though, was seeing Talespin come on afterwards. As the old, familiar opening theme began playing, I nearly felt like shrieking for joy. I immediately felt like I was 12 years old all over again. I cannot really describe how warm it made me feel inside to view and listen to the opening sequence for the first time in all these years. Talespin was one of my all-time favorite cartoons, and to finally see it again, so unexpectedly and out of the Baloo, was a joyous experience. Unsurprisingly, I still find Don Karnage sexy as ever. Unfortunately, he didn't make an appearance in this episode, which left me somewhat disappointed. Still, I know now when the right time to watch cartoons is ... relatively late at night, when all the stupid modern primetime trash is over, and the reruns of fantastic classics come on. The cartoon I really desire to see now, though, is Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats.

I must cease this entry, now: Ducktales is on.

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