Jul 23, 2004

Hungry? You may have a serious medical condition requiring immediate treatment.

ICQ conversation, 7/23

Timberwolf: Ooh, lovely, a commercial for a drug that helps reduce hunger pangs.
WyteLyon: Ooh, cool, I heard those can get terribly uncomfortable
Timberwolf: Yeah, and so can the sensation of pressure in your bowels that lets you know when you have to defecate.
WyteLyon: They should make a pill that prevents that feeling from ever happening.
Timberwolf: Mm, it would probably increase the sales of adult diapers tenfold... *Chuckle*
WyteLyon: exactly!
Timberwolf: Everyone in the commercial looks so happy, too. They all appear to be having so much fun.
Timberwolf: "Yay, look at me, I can finally go out and play tennis, sail on the lake, and travel to the Virgin Islands because I found a cure for my debilitating hunger pangs!"
WyteLyon: *gigglesnort*
WyteLyon: Possible side effects include: fullness, food in the fridge aging beyond their expiration dates, and starvation.
Timberwolf: And of course, diarrhea.
Timberwolf: I need this drug. My empty stomach depends on it.

No, I did not actually see a commercial for a drug that reduces hunger pangs.  I broached the topic primarily to satirize the ridiculousness of there being advertised on television government-approved prescription drugs for seemingly every conceivable minor ailment, and posted it here because... well, this realm needed something on the lighter side.

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