Dec 24, 2004

I am truly beginning to loathe this time of year. Everyone can just take their superficial holiday cheer and COOL new material possessions and stuff it. Jesus in a jumpsuit, you fools and your predictable senseless bullshit. It's like everyone is just running around in circles on a track. Aw, little Timmy got a new X-box. Little Timmy's happy. Nothing like showing your love for someone else by going out and buying their affection at a superstore and hiding the receipt. I don't want to open any presents this year. I don't feel like I even deserve any. I don't want anything new. I already have too much junk as it is, and I just want to start getting rid of all this useless crap that ultimately just makes life miserable. Damn all these lamentable traditions I am expected to participate in for the sole reason that I exist. I think I shall be off to make my mark on a few tacky plastic holiday lawn ornaments. Maybe I will run into the Father of Materialistic Greed, aka Santa Claus. I'll be certain to carry a bludgeon with me just in case, as well as a sharp cutting instrument to free the reindeer from their reins. Any of Santa's little minions who happen to be roving around singing repetitive Christmas carols for beer money can scurry back to Wal-Mart headquarters in the north pole and share the tragic news with the district manager so he can quickly hire another fat old shmuck with a beard and a drinking problem to sneak in through people's chimneys in the dead of the night for $6.75 an hour. ...Then have a bite to eat at McDonald's and receive a bunch of awesome little toys to pride around and show off to their friends. Getting stuff is so fucking cool. For them. I don't want any of it anymore. Owning stuff is a most excruciating form of bondage, and I don't feel my spirit can handle such oppression. Eh, I kind of feel like breaking into someone's house tonight, myself. Maybe I'll even wear a santa hat just to show some Christmas spirit. I think I shall be off to do that, actually... it'll be a new experience.

Yup, it's that time again, and I am possessed by something. And it sure isn't holiday spirit. Everyone clear a path. I need all the space I can get to fight this battle, and whoever happens to get in my way, well... tsk, tsk. Poor souls. **Sets out into the night**

Several hours pass

Mmkay! I have returned. I didn't happen to witness anything magical Christmasy, just one car and a slew of obnoxious mutts. I'm not sure how I should feel about domesticated dogs anymore. They are canine, granted, so I feel somewhat related to them and have to respect them to some degree, but on the other paw, they are so utterly guided by human influence and are so submissive to its "owner(s)" that it's disgusting. At least every other residence comes standard with a dog here, and having some nasty mongrel yapping noisily as I pass by quietly greatly disturbs the serenity of everything. Wild canines are probably the most beautiful creatures I have ever seen... domesticated dogs are usually far, far from it.

This world, though... what the fuck? Whose idea of a joke is this?

I feel as if the entire room is spinning, and that I am sitting upside down as I type this. I have not had an ounce of liquor, either. My parents had better let me sleep in, because I am a volcano that is just about to blow its top.

Ho ho ho and a helping of genocide!

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