May 24, 2005


This morning, I actually wasn't awakened by construction workers as they have finished their building next door for the time being, allowing me to obtain an extra hour of sleep. Some time before 8:30, I experienced a brief yet very strange dream that was remarkably similar to the famous scene from Being John Malkovich. For those who have viewed the entire film with the slightest hint of interest, it's hard to forget the sequence taking place in a classy restaurant. Every single occupant in the restaurant resembles John Malkovich in some form, and though the place was abuzz with conversation, the only word used was "Malkovich... Malkovich... Malkovich..." It was all about Malkovich.

My dream actually brought me back to my American literature class a few semesters ago. While the students and instructor all looked distinctive, the only word coming out of their mouths was "meh... meh... meh... meh... meh... meh... meh." When I was called upon to share my opinion on a particular reading, I tried to break the absurdity by saying something other than "meh," but unfortunately, I was unable to. While I was dreaming, I found it bizarre, but when I awoke, I thought it to be wildly funny.

Meh, I tell you. Meh. Meh. Meh.

To this day, I still have no idea what "meh" means, nor the reason so many people say it online. At least it isn't as bad as "feh."

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Anonymous said...

I still have yet to understand why so many people use "meh" online, though I remember a certain 'Bluey' was once fond of it. Of course, that was many years ago.

"Feh" ...tee-hee.