May 8, 2005

Who can believe this journal is less than a year old?

Certainly not myself, and I am one of the very few who has closely followed it since its inception. I feel like I have owned this little slice of territory for at least a couple years, perhaps more. Then again, when I think of how much I have progressed as a lupine being since last May, well... it all begins to make sense. My first post was on the 24th of this month, so I would have to consider the 24th of May to be this journal's birthday. And... I actually used Livejournal before this? Frightening thought, very frightening indeed.

The entirety of this Saturday was spent shopping... at Costco for the usual smoking deals on groceries, for Mother's Day gifts, and for literature on the upcoming mainland trip. We shall be visiting the west coast of the mainland from Vancouver all the way down to San Diego, and it should be exciting. My father and I killed a couple hours at Borders today glazing over travel books and selecting a few of the best guidebooks to study up on and take with us. We plan to explore some major cities, namely Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, and San Francisco, and do a fair amount of wilderness hiking and camping. It will be a memorable experience, I'm sure, and... it will take place a mere month from now. We depart on the 9th of June, the same day of my last class in summer school, and we will be away from the tropics for a long time. I am hoping this will not only be an enjoyable trip, but an educational one as well. I do plan on hang gliding at least once, or bungee jumping... I'll settle for one or the other, but not neither.

I also purchased my mother a children's book for her kindergarten class, a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and a card. I know she will be pleased. And for myself, I picked up the new Nine Inch Nails album. It's obligatory.

And... I have finished all my projects for this semester, and have all week to study for my two final exams on Thursday and prepare for a five minute presentation thereafter. Oh, how much easier things are when I force my zany self not to procrastinate.


Lithium said...

Happy (Early) Blog Birthday. I say this now so I don't forget and also because it applies to this specific entry. Funnily enough, my actual birthday comes one day before your own blogs 'birthday'.

Traveling to San Deago, Vancouver and all those other places sounds nice.I want to travel one day; to where, I have no idea. I hope you plan to write about it when you return and keep me well informed (I'll miss you, you big wolf, you).

You've made me want to break out some old Nine Inch Nails that I have laying around. To be more specific, "We're In This Together".

Flying Disc said...

Ah, I'll wish I could go and explore, but I signed up for summer classes which I will be stuck with one week after I get off.

I live not too far from all of those destinations you mentioned earlier--speaking of which, I've been reading this blog for quite some time, though I rarely ever comment in it.