Jul 9, 2005

Oh no, it's raining again!

Lately, through having spent a much greater amount of time than usual with my father, I have come to recognise just how much we differ in many ways. We still have much in common, but lately, we have been engaging in quite a few debates and arguments. When I was younger, I had grown accustomed to him always winning, because I honestly believed that "father knows best." For a few years now, though, he and I have both realised that I am entirely capable of being the victor in debates that arise between us, and though he is a self-proclaimed intellectual, I win at least as often as he does. I wouldn't attribute this entirely to the fact that I have become older and wiser and have acquired more experience. His mental prowess, in fact, has deteriorated somewhat due to aging and all the medications he must take for his physical pain.

Of course, I have found myself disagreeing with more and more of his general opinions. Tonight, he commented on how he was growing tired of it "constantly being windy" at our house. Yes, the trade winds are usually strong here, but not all the time, and even if they were... I would have no problem with it. Unlike me, he doesn't care for rain, either. This house is located just a few miles windward of the rainshadow, so the surrounding area receives only about 70-80 inches annually. It is rare to not see the sun appear at some point during the day, though the chances of it being sunny all day are slim to none. Hardly a day or night goes by without some rainfall. It seems... so ideal to me. My mother, though, thinks it often gets very "cold and blustery" up here, which only makes me chuckle, really. Maybe she would have a right to complain if we lived a couple thousand feet up the slope, but not here... the night time air is simply cool and perfect... nothing "blustery" about it, unless it's a cold front. Admittedly, though, this house has an aluminum roof, so sudden heavy cloudbursts can jolt me right out of a deep sleep. It happened several times last night. However, it's something I almost never mind being awakened by. If anything, I find it pleasant and enchanting. I'm also watching the 2004 Hot Dog Eating Contest on ESPN, but only to check the MLB scores on the bottom ticker. It's disgustingly humourous. I wish Crazy K could have joined! Honestly, what will they consider a sport next?

I have decided to write about my summer mainland experience in four parts, just to make it manageable. Since a few acquaintances and friends have expressed interest in hearing about my adventures, I definitely feel it is worthwhile sharing about them. It will also be a way to re-live the experience myself, in a sense.

I really should start posting at TFS more...

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