Jul 10, 2005

Your daily serving of cynicism.

My pretty distance, I could pet you for awhile, celebrate everything you do for my well-being, and most certainly keep you forever.

Forward and brash like a colony of army ants. The common anthill; a human society in miniature. Endless bustle, collaborative workmanship, struggle for survival in defiance of subtle decay. I don't get people. I don't understand why some of them make me feel the way they do. They really make me uncomfortable. They know too much. They judge too heavily. They assume too readily. They use words like violence. Sadly, I do the same. They don't get me either. Everything has a tendency to balance out like that. I am safe here in my little textbox.

Subtract, multiply. Add. Divide. They can take their "human equation" and shove it. In the end, it will always amount to zero, no matter how they work it out. Anyone who desires an appointment with immortality, take an irrational number and keep holding your breath for the Messiah.

I'm such a shithead. lol, hi.


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Timberwolf said...

That about says it for me... that and "some people are fucking stupid."