Aug 25, 2005


It's apparently one of the biggest sexual taboos out there in contemporary times, at least in this culture. It has become such a fervent topic on a forum I check occasionally (but have decided to participate in no longer due to the fact that it has degenerated into a despicable slime pit) that I decided I may as well share my views on it here, where I won't receive a slew of immature comments slung toward me just because my opinion happens to differ from the majority.

First of all, I don't condone bestiality, especially in regard to promiscuity. I consider animals, all animals, to be much too sacred and beautiful to be violated in such a way by humans. Humans have no business forcing an animal into having sexual intercourse with them; it's one of the worst ways they could possibly be exploited, and completely destroys their dignity. I can, however, understand human sexual attraction towards animals. Humans in general are ugly, clumsy, awkward things, while so many animals are sleek, graceful, and incredibly cute or handsome. (Do I sound biased enough toward one or the other yet?) Of course, none of this justifies raping an animal, especially one of the wild that owes no allegiance or holds no loyalty toward you whatsoever. You can have all the fantasies you like, but leave the poor creatures alone.

It would be silly to publically announce your love for an animal mate these days, be it a dog, a cat, or a turtle. In no times at all, you'll attract a whole mob of grimacing faces, accompanied by disapproving voices condemning it as "disgusting," "sick," "unacceptable," or "unnatural." Well, as far as I'm concerned, if someone wishes to marry their dog and sleep with it every night, I have absolutely no problem with it at all, as long as the dog is reasonably happy. In fact, I have great respect for the fact that they are willing to have such an unconventional relationship that's so widely regarded as "wrong." To be perfectly frank, I don't think it's any more "wrong" than cheating with various sexual partners, most of whom probably have their own sexual partners and so forth, or having sex with one's own family members. Certainly, it's not nearly as bad as raping or molesting children. What annoys me the most is how quick so many people seem to be to immediately dismiss such partnerships as one of the grossest things they've ever heard. All religious BS aside, what is really so "disgusting" about it? I'm sure most animals keep themselves cleaner than many human skanks out there, if you catch my drift. If there's one thing I consider disgusting, it's guys who chatter on and on about which humans' vaginas they'd love to "pork." And you know, there's another merit of inter-species mating--it has no chance of producing those vile, useless little maggots more commonly referred to as "babies."

So, just to clarify, I am not vehemently against animal-human sexual relations as so many people seem to be, due to their religious upbringing or illimitable closed-mindedness or need to blend in or what have you. I understand and respect the fact that certain individuals may feel that sort of connection with animals. Certain animals can provide a profound sense of loyalty, innocence, and unconditional love that virtually every human could never be trusted to. You can have your opinions, but at least try to do a better job at backing them up and less time doing such an eloquent acting job gagging over how "sick" it is.

Yes, I know this is a taboo subject, and that's exactly why I decided to write about it. It's not a common topic for a blog, and I like controversy. So, if anyone wishes to discuss/debate any of my points, the comment feature is right under your nose.


Anonymous said...

So if I were to go kill someone it would be okay? I mean, just because other people say it's wrong doesn't mean it has to be!

Timberwolf said...

So if I were to go kill someone it would be okay? I mean, just because other people say it's wrong doesn't mean it has to be!

I've seen this only about a thousand times before; it's the classic nevar-fail line used by anti-moral relativists. Of course, when you actually stop and think about it, having sexual relations with an animal and murdering a human being have absolutely nothing to do with one another, other than both behaviours are so widely considered "wrong." Taking human life is something that I see much more justification in being considered 'wrong' and worthy of punishment than marrying your dog. "You can't take the life of a fellow human" is much more substantial than "thal shall not haveth sexual inter-species relationships."

What I consider wrong is George W. Scumbag's murdering of thousands of Iraqis. Of course, he'll never call it murder, he'll call it "defending freedom," and sadly, half the country believes in his pathetic lies and blatantly deceptive rhetoric. In reality, he's a murderer, killing under a different label and exterminating by a different cause. It's all about how you word things, isn't it? That he gets away with such a thing reflects just how corrupt the government is and how brainwashed the public is. Hell, even after all the inexcusable blunders committed in his initial term, the incompetent, uneducated droids voted him straight back into office. Now, if he was too busy having sex with his dog to bomb foreign countries and ruin America, I wouldn't have nearly as much of a problem with him. The bible doesn't decide for me that all forms of bestiality are horrible wrong-doings, nor do the opinions of the majority, even if they happen to go against mine. The primary thrust of this entry, after all, was to criticise public opinion and offer my own perspective on the matter, not to attempt to justify bestiality (or omg, killing somebody) in the eyes of everyone.