Aug 25, 2005

Ever being hypnotised...

I have been obsessed with quite a few songs lately, and see no harm in mentioning a few of them. First of all, I listened to "Another Night" by Real McCoy on the way home from the store tonight, and was simply astounded by how it affected me. I don't think there's another song out there that makes me feel more upbeat, optimistic, energetic, and jovial. The nostalgic value of it is also a significant factor. The melodies and beats are so infectious, I feel like a hyperactive young pup everytime I listen to it. It is -the- perfect song for driving around after dark, just soaking in the beautiful night time atmosphere and feeling fine. And yes, it does take me way, way back to my mid-teens. It was one of the few dance songs I knew and loved back when I had yet to become a huge electronica buff.

Then there is "Hypnotised" by Paul Oakenfold, which is nothing short of enrapturing for me. I consider a listen to it a short journey into another world... a world of ecstasy. What is it about the song that makes me feel that way? Everything.

Two songs by Project Pitchfork enthrall me--"Green World" and "The Longing." The former takes me right into the middle of a deep forest where a small tribe of animal beings surround me, playing beautiful, lush melodies on traditional instruments. It never fails to give me shivers. As for "The Longing," harmonious synths and inspiring lyrics sung in almost inhuman-sounding voices overlay a heavy tribal drumbeat. I've never heard anything like it, and I need to find more material from this German artist.

I've been enjoying the album Mutations by Beck very much so, and am especially fond of the songs, "Nobody's Fault But My Own," "Tropicalia," and "Canceled Check." He is one of the only folk/folk-esque artists I listen to, mostly for the randomness and genius of his lyrics and quirky, groovy, and catchy musical assemblages. Odelay still stands as one of my favourite albums of all time, but if you want something truly bizarre, try Stereopathetic Soul Manure.

Hybrid is another electronic artist that truly sounds distinctive from all the rest. Their album Wider Angle is a masterpiece, from breathtaking intro to conclusion. "If I Survive" is one captivating epic hero's anthem, and "Beachcoma" removes me far from reality with every listen. Recently, I've been playing "Sinequanon" on repeat. It contains rapping, but sounds anything like conventional rap music, thankfully. It's so uncompromisingly groovealicious, especially the second part... whee.

On a metal note, the grossly underrated Dan Swano's Moontower has been leaving me spellbound. His predominantly growling vocals and cutting riffs would likely repel those whose musical tastes haven't progressed much further than Linkin Park, but in all honesty, the many euphonious melodic interludes in each of his songs are my biggest reason for being such a fan of his music. In my opinion, this is what metal -should- sound like. When I'm through listening to this album, I feel so dark and powerful and sinister and satisfied, and I love it. I'm also just starting to get into several of his bands, including Another Life and Nightingale.

Let it not be forgotten or doubted that I'm still a Dream Theater fan. I have been giving their music an extended break as of late, as I had been overplaying it to the extreme up until a few months ago. In a little while, it should sound fresh enough to approach once again. They are one band whom I actually do feel deserve all the hype they have received on certain Internet forums. And it's amazing, simply amazing, that they aren't even bigger than they are. They are legendary, having produced some of the best music I've ever heard by my evaluative standards.

Moonspell is another metal band that doesn't seem to receive enough recognition. "Full Moon Madness" has become a wandering staple, especially during that time of the month.

There are hundreds of other songs and artists I could rave about, but even I don't have all the time in the world...

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