Jan 9, 2006

Maybe life is up and down but my life's been (what?)
'til now I crawled up your butt somehow and that's
when things got turned around, I used to be alive

But sometimes, some things turn into dumb things
and that's when you put your foot down!

God, Limp Bizkit's deeply poetic and soul-moving lyrics never fail to inspire me.


MajesticVampyra said...

I'm truly glad that you posted this entry, dearest, as I feel the same way about System Of A Down's lyrics.

I buy my crack, my smack, my bitch,
Right here in Hollywood,

Drug money is used to rig elections,
And train brutal corporate sponsored
Dictators around the world.

Not only are they deeply poetic, but they're very educational. I mean, why do we need school when we have System Of A Down?

Vittra said...

Limp Bizkit are the greatest poetic masters in the entire planet. Their lyrics are genius! [insert cookie monster]

I did it all for the cookie.