Jan 6, 2006

Nblarbdønodhirþfink \m/

I've been obsessed with a band called Nblarbdønodhirþfink lately. Really hardcore doom/thrash/ice/sheet/precious metal group from Antarctica. The really funny thing about them is that they always tour yet never play at home. Anyway, they're just so... well, what's a term elegant and poetic enough to do their raw musical talent justice... awesome. Sometimes they even take a break from growling and sing normally, but the growling is so brutal and amazing anyway, trust me. I mean their growling often gets so intense you can barely hear the guitars over them, how awesome is that? Pretty awesome, let me tell you. FlirbÞlinƒyas Smith beats those drums like a woman, freaking unbelievable drumwork. The lyrics have to be awesome too but the band is so obscure I can't find any of their lyrics online anywhere. Just goes to show you they're too good to be on those crummy lyrics sites. If you start telling others about this band that is an awesome band just give ME credit for being hardcore enough to initially discover them. First of all definitely check out the songs "Above the Eternal Wingspans of Beasts and Demons," "Black Funeral Death Pissing Orgy," "My Heart Will Go On In An Organ Grinder," and "Down."

They're awesome.

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