Nov 14, 2004

Water, water, water...

I just realized that "Electric Circus" by Blank & Jones is really "Aquarius" by Boards of Canada. The sort of names I could come up with songs if I wanted to give various songs random names just to confuse others.

So we're being pummeled by rain again tonight. The day started off hot, dry, and hazy--pretty dismal weather for a duck at heart. In the course of what seemed like an hour, though, a dense layer of dark, magnificent clouds moved in seemingly out of nowhere. Drizzling occured for a good fifteen minutes, then it started coming down like it had something to prove. It hasn't stopped since, either. I rode down to the breakwall tonight, not expecting anyone to be down near its head, and there wasn't. The fact that the wind is heavy enough to nearly knock a light human being off its feet and the rain is driving sideways would keep most people indoors. I contemplated walking out along the breakwall this evening, as it leads clear out to sea for a good two and one half kilometres, and the sense of isolation I would achieve out there would certainly be a wonderful thing. I hesitated when I noticed high waves sending heavy doses of sea spray clear across the wall and into the other side. Many would consider me crazy if they had any knowledge of the sorts of risks I take outdoors, simply for the exhilaration of being, but I'm not stupid. I sensed a little too much danger for my own comfort. Certainly, it would have been a great joy to walk out along that wall in the rain, with my bare feet landing upon wet rock after wet rock, immersing myself in barely comprehendible surrealism, but I thought better of it. If I had no one to live for but myself, I would have gone for it, but I realised that when it comes to keeping reasonably safe for the sake of important others, it simply wasn't worth it.

I am rather tired. I have had a week to do my math take-home exam, and haven't started on it yet. I've been meaning to look up sources for my geomorphology literature review, and haven't gotten around to that. And my political geography photo essay? Pfft, right. I feel somewhat insecure about slacking so much, but then I must remind myself that I have always worked best under pressure. One way or another, everything is going to get done. It always does. I'm just glad I have nothing due tomorrow.

Oh, I weathered a dull hot, sunny day yesterday by wandering up the river a ways, and finding an excellent spot to frolic for hours. The river bed surface is slippery beyond comprehension, and that combined with nice, long, smooth rocky surfaces makes for great natural water slides. That was great fun.

...But! I almost slipped and fell inside this little cauldron:

Later, I voluntarily jumped in, because it was more fun than a jacuzzi full of jackals.

Wandering a little farther up the river, I encountered a small electrical substation on the bank, which was entirely vacant, so I decided to go exploring. A small stream tributary brought me to a large building, beneath which a rapid jet of water shot out of:

And whatever machine up there behind it was noisy. So very noisy. I could only imagine it to be some enormous fan blade... one of many evil industrial mechanisms of doom in a building full of death traps. I wanted to push somebody in just so I could see that whitewater turn a lovely scarlet red. How surreal it all would have looked in the full moonlight... I might just go back there that particular time of the month. I'm always seeking to expand my already wide range of exotic locales to escape to when the time is right.

And good Anubis, people, don't throw your car batteries in the river. It makes Arcy sad.

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