Nov 20, 2004

You forget there's 24 letters in between...

I consumed a little too much Kona coffee liqueor tonight. Well, not quite enough to impair my ability to ride a bike. The way I see it, riding something and driving something are two entirely different species of marmot. I would not have dared commandeer a gigantic mass of steel and glass, but a relatively compact mechanical stealth machine? Certainly. I longed for the outdoors, and that's exactly where I found myself five minutes later, wearing but a pair of shorts (and a belt!) in the nippy sixty-seven degree November weather. ...Took the ten minute ride through Waikii, past the old candy store and Lincoln Park, to the ethereal Alae Cemetery. Traipsed about the headstones for awhile, doing cartwheels at one point or another on the soft grass, and listening to the occasional bat utter its beautiful resonant note. Rode back all the way to the other side of town, past the well-lit industrial facilities of the harbour, and found to my delight no one congregated near the head of the breakwater at the end of the gravel road. Leaned my bike up against a tree and began hopping one large, flat boulder after another out to sea. I reached a lengthy section which was a narrow grid of smooth concrete, but that soon dissipated into more boulder-hopping, again. Left the noxiously bright lights of the harbour and the constant humming of its industry behind me as I ventured as far out as I cared to. Stubbed my toe very hard as I miscalculated a jump to an adjacent boulder. Took my time returning home, and realized when I examined my feet under the light that they were a bloody mess. Attained a few nasty scratches on my left shin, too. Cleaned it all up for the most part, and now... it's 4:00 in the morning, and I feel like I lost a good two hours somewhere along the way. It's so easy to lose track of time when you're utterly caught up in breathtaking surrealism and sense of danger.

I'll have to do quite a bit of studying over the weekend... I have two exams and a fifteen minute group presentation on Monday, all within a time span of three hours. There isn't much more to the week after that, though I suppose I should start gathering my sources for that 10-page geomorphology paper on tsunami sedimentology that's due on the 6th. Someone called in a bomb threat today, and the EKH building was conveniently evacuated right at the beginning of my last class. The instructor chose to resume it outdoors, but I escaped prematurely with my project group to the library. Compiled all the digital photos we took into a Powerpoint presentation, only to discover we had no way to save it onto disc. An hour later, we found ourselves in the GIS lab (in the building that had previously been threatened, probably by a student who had a test slated for 2:00 and forgot to study), which supposedly had CD-RW drives that worked. They didn't work. 45 minutes of specialized Derrick Hindery assistance, and we finally managed to get it on CD using his notebook. What a lovely way to whittle away an overcast Friday afternoon. Technology disgusts me sometimes.

The word "blog" really annoys me. Then again, so does the word "pudding."

And now, I fancy a play of Donkey Kong Country. Retarded as all the Kongs are, the game is still beautiful, and very nostalgia-inducing for me. Snow Barrel Blast... ahhh!

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Vittra said...

"The word "blog" really annoys me."

It also annoys me and it seems it was derived out of pure lazyness to say "web log", so people shorted it to "blog". It seems to express such a ...disgusting feeling, as though everyones feelings, thoughts and beliefs should forever be cast to a dark hole, never to be seen.

Then again, I've always disliked how so many people can be so lazy when it comes to even the simplest of tasks.