Nov 1, 2004

What is a mere mortal going to do with 10,000 free smilies? Really. I find myself overwhelmed enough by the presence of a dozen. I can't decide if I'm happy, sad, angry, confused, or sterile. Ahhhh! Then again, it would be kind of cool to have a smilie that says, "k, i'm feeling rather quixotic but limber at the same time, so i'm off to grab the goody lint brush off the top of the 1886 victorian bookcase and slap my puppy with it twenty-three times then have some broccoli with a hint of rose red chili powder from wyoming. i like my aunt theresa's purple beret when she drops it in her swedish clove-smoking son-in-law's flower bed on rainy thursday mornings, don't you nathan?"

Imagine the sort of time I'd save being able to use a smilie to express all that rather than having to type it out all the time. **Signs up**

I finally updated my profile, as well. My musical selections were horribly outdated.

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Vittra said...

This is one netry that has certainly given me a reason to have a little giggle. I've seen the exact same advertisements on the Internet, with a huge amount of overplayed, un-original smilies and I often wonder, "great! I wonder if it has a 'I really signed up just for this smilie' type of smilie". I barely use over three to four different types of smilies on an Instant Messenger, I have no idea how anyone could possibly use ten thousand.

There aren't enough enough expressions on the human face to match such a number. They wouldn't even be smilies anymore but rather "just a bunch of icons we put together to look cool". Surely we've all had a day where we feel like we are a trash can, right?