Apr 12, 2005

Noon-time reflection

I am sitting in the upper-story GIS lab, almost by myself, having just finished my assignments due for today, but with half an hour to kill before my next class. I consistently gaze out the window to my left over the verdant campus, thoroughly dampened by the onset of recurring heavy rains. I find it quite a beautiful sight, and though frolicking out in the rain is one of life's finest pleasures, it also tends to make me feel better about being inside looking out. Peculiar how that works.

It's difficult to fathom that I have owned this blog for less than a year. I feel as if I have been posting here for twice that amount of time. Perhaps such a mentality results from the fact that I change so much in the course of a year. Fortunately, I feel I am consistently changing for the better, as I attempt to drop bad habits in favour of ones that will help me progress and succeed in life. I have never done so well in college before, because I had never before bothered to put in such an effort. I have been absent from only three class periods this semester, out of my five courses. It figures that by the time I finally master being a student, it's almost time to graduate. I am not going straight to graduate school either, no sir. Though I am becoming more mature and success-oriented as I prepare for the future, I am never going to abandon my spontaneous, child-like nature of curiousity and wonderment at the world. I will most certainly be setting out on spontaneous night wanders for as long as I have two working legs, and I will never lose my strong sense of beauty and wonder. Though I may continue to change in many ways, some aspects about myself will never change. No matter what course I plot through life, I will always be a wolf in heart and spirit and proclaim so, and that alone will always be enough to fall back on.

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Beach said...

Seems as if you've had a nice time with school lately;if only I could say that for all of my classes.Three more years to go, I might as well make the best of it, just so I can recieve my BA two years earlier.