Apr 8, 2005

Bird of prey, flying high...

There isn't much food in my home. In fact, I am down to stale cereal that's several months old, packets of ramen that are probably more than a few months old, and instant noodle dinners I salvaged from the bottom of my mother's pantry in August. It's not that I can't go shopping; I am just not motivated enough to. It's a chore I prefer to procrastinate for as long as possible, even if it means losing a few pounds due to malnutrition first. Well, I still do have some tater tots, but I can only eat so many of those in a week, and the freezer frost has already attacked them, as they do everything I shoehorn in there. Presently, my apartment appears to be the quintessential definition of a bachelor's den: a refrigerator full of condiments and very little food (I do have half a baby loaf of cheddar cheese left!), dirty dishes piled up in the sink, and a floor that hasn't been swept or vacuumed in a good two weeks. Usually, I am on top of my housekeeping, but I have been letting it slide... perhaps a little too much.

Anyway, time to update the projects list (originally posted 3/7/05):

    World Economics:

  • Literature and data search with 8-page written report on aspect of tourist industry. Due March 29. April 7. Finished successfully.
  • Field research project on location of an urban service--written report poster and group presentation. Due April 21. This should be easy. I have four intelligent peers in my group, and it just involves a bunch of visuals and captions.

    Interpretation of Geographic Data:

  • Final research paper on methodology in hydrometeorology hydrology (10 sources, 10 pages), with 10 5-minute Powerpoint presentation. Due end of April. May 5. It's nothing but a literature review describing the techniques/methodologies hydrology researchers use, and a 5-minute presentation is ridiculously short.

    Natural Hazards and Disasters

  • Natural Disaster Brochure (Group project). Unknown due date. I believe he blew this project off, which is fine by me.

  • 10-page research paper on access conditions and differential vulnerability relating to Hurricane Andrew, with 10-minute Powerpoint presentation. Due beginning of May. I got a couple pages into the rough draft of this, but I'll probably be putting this paper off the longest, as it's guaranteed to be the most tedious of all of them.

    Cultural Geography

  • 5-page essay on viewing displayscapes. Due March 14. Completed. A+

  • Research poster with presentation. Unknown due date. April 29th. My topic will most likely be rave culture and where it is most popular and why.

    Writing for the Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Essay 2--Evaluating how we are "made." Unknown due date. April 11th. Completed.

  • Essay 3 (includes panel presentation). Unknown due date. May 13th. Yet another research-intensive essay, 10-15 pages.

I've got it all under control. Really. No problem at all...

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