Apr 22, 2005

Remember, it's Earth's Day, everyday.

So, today is fifteen minutes into Earth Day; a holiday I actually find myself enthused by. It celebrates a practical cause I strongly support, unlike... well, just about every other holiday America recognises. I am looking forward to the festivities tomorrow. I plan on attending the campus fair for at least an hour or so, and will have to take some notes as well, since I am doing an extra credit summary & critique assignment on the many exhibitions there. I would like to see if I can't get involved with any conversation organisations while I am at it. I do also plan on participating in at least one beach clean-up; preferably more. I'll also be armed with a trusty pen with which to sign numerous petitions floating around protesting Republican efforts to kill wildlife and destroy the environment. I look forward to this.

I have finally developed a very clear idea of what I may want to do for a career, as well. I find remote sensing and geographic information systems very fun to work with. Representing information through the assemblage of numerous cartographic layers is not only entertaining for me, but a skill of increasing importance. The skill of representing data in a spatial and temporal manner is very important in environmental studies, and the computer technology will only become more sophisticated. I play around with mapping programmes like Keyhole often on my own time with great enthusiasm, and the application's function is essentially based upon satellite/air photos and remote sensing. I look especially forward to taking a course in that department. Ideally, I could land some career which would have me working with this advanced software and sending me outdoors into the field often to investigate attributes of the physical environment.

My eyes are burning, so I must land myself into bed.

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