Mar 19, 2005

My not posting or being around lately is primarily a result of not having access to a personal computer, aside from my being thoroughly distracted with academic obligations. Hopefully, Gateway might actually provide some quality service this time around and fix my computer for good, providing doing so is a conceivable feat. I am currently on my old Dell desktop, which has served me reliably for going on five years now, and I may lug it back with me after spring break. I believe that from now on, I will always be sticking with Dell. Am I ever going back to Gateway for a future computer purchase? They can talk straight to the paw, because I so don't even think so.

As my mother cannot drive for another ten days, I am taking her to the commerce market so that we may replenish our aggregate food supply (excuse me, I've had to absorb far too much economic theory over the past couple weeks). It has gotten miserably depleted--even worse than my own apartment.

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NSU - 4efer, 5210 - rulez