Mar 7, 2005

Through the windows above my bed, facing the ocean, I see a beautiful day, with a light breeze sliding in between the jalousies. The sky is its usual deep tropical blue. Through my back window, on the other paw, the warm afternoon sunlight is crudely shining on the glass, and the mountains are hazy, smothered by a thick layer of sulfur dioxide from the volcano. It's interesting how I can look out one window and see Hawaii, and look out the other, and see Los Angeles. Trade wind-stealing low pressure systems frustrate me.

I have been meaning to get around to posting a little log of the projects I have left to do this semester, to help me space them out and accomplish them one by one, so I am not flooded with several large assignments at once by the end of April.

    World Economics:
  • Literature and data search with 8-page written report on aspect of tourist industry. Due March 29.
  • Field research project on location of an urban service--written report and group presentation. Due April 21.

    Interpretation of Geographic Data:
  • Final research paper on methodology in hydrometeorology (10 sources, 10 pages), with 10-minute Powerpoint presentation. Due end of April.

    Natural Hazards and Disasters
  • Natural Disaster Brochure (Group project). Unknown due date.
  • 10-page research paper on access conditions and differential vulnerability relating to Hurricane Andrew, with 10-minute Powerpoint presentation. Due beginning of May.

    Cultural Geography
  • 5-page essay on viewing displayscapes. Due March 14.
  • Research poster with presentation. Unknown due date.

    Writing for the Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Essay 2--Evaluating how we are "made." Unknown due date.
  • Essay 3 (includes panel presentation). Unknown due date.

Clearly, I have my work cut out for me.


Call me Anna. said...

I'm so sorry.

I need to stop.

I'm just so sorry. I can't express my apologies in words.

I was so happy to see you back at... well. You know. So... I got over-zealous. I'm sorry for crowding you.

I am, really. I went insane. I need to stop. Please forgive me for my unecessary behaviour. I mean, I hadn't talked to you in awehile, because I hadn't seen you on AIM... I really had wanted to talk...

I'm just so stupid. I think I could sense your annoyance, could feel yourself darkly ruminating about my death as you watched me humiliate myself.

I realise now that in the scheme of things, I am miniscule. But I'm so sorry for... irritating you. I just was trying to be friendly, and it got out of hand.

Please forgive me.

sdfsf said...

>:O I made typos and grammar-os. blah on me again.