Dec 25, 2005

I have never much desired to play online multiplayer games, nor have I ever really undertstood their appeal. A few weeks ago, a friend of mine urged me to try out Second Life. I did download the game and install it on my laptop, but played only ten minutes into before my machine overheated ... moments before I would have become bored enough to quit voluntarily.

I believe my reluctance to play such games has much to do with an unwillingness to put in the effort required to learn the basics and build up my skill levels. More often than not, it seems like more work than fun, at least to begin with. Just as I have to "get into" a record for it to become a favourite, I would have to do the same with a game. The older I become, or rather, the more advanced video games become, the more difficult that is for me to do. I am simply not the passionate gamer I used to be. I have positively no interest in playing rubbish like Call of Duty: The Big Red Turd, Halo, Everquest, or Warhammer 40k Space Marine Assault Squad Premium Edition. The idea of even attempting to enjoy games like those is well beyond my ability to fathom. I would rather... read a book. Or write. Or wander around. PC gaming just isn't for me.

Regardless, I have been wanting to try my paw at Second Life again. I would like to have Akuro show me exactly what you're supposed to do in that game, and how you transform your boring, dull human character into a furry anthro as quickly as possible. Though, something about the game's name intimidates me. I really don't care to become addicted to the point where my "first life" seems to become secondary. The thought of some sweaty, obese nerd sitting at his computer for hours and hours stocking items in his virtual shop and building his character's levels for the next epic battle, before eventually going out to Taco Bell with his nerdy gamer friends and being unable to converse about anything but the game they just played just depresses the hell out of me. I never want to be like that, so I hope this game doesn't become "addicting." I think the game would be a fine way of meeting more new furs and having an enjoyable time for 1-3 hours per day.

As for video games in general, I believe I am simply going to forget about the present and future, as very little out there interests me at all. I want to catch up on some quality NES, SNES, and N64 games I missed. If I could replace all those X-Box and PS2 titles in my local Gamestop with the greatest NES and SNES games ever made, I would in a heartbeat. Then while the hardcore current generation gamers are off bragging about the premium graphics and awesome explosions on their military training simulators I would be sitting in my cozy little room playing my brand new copy of Secret of Evermore, becoming lost in a beautiful game that not only requires imagination, but also inspires it.

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