Dec 24, 2005

'Tis the season... to drink.

Good holiday drinks:

Dirty muther: 1 pt. tequila, 1 pt. Kahlua, milk
Egg nog & brandy
Egg nog liqueor
Red wine
Rum & cola

Those are some of the beverages I have been enjoying as of late. Good quality alcohol accounts for a decent portion of the fun I have been having here lately. I can safely say I needed a real vacation like this. Interestingly, just sitting around drinking seems to make the time pass slower. Well, good... I am really in no hurry to see the new year. Though, I do have something to look forward to, besides finding myself a respectable full-time job and pleading to be let into a closed class. Susi found a flyer for some local "Electronic Music Festival" which he mentioned on the phone today. Definitely worth checking out!

A few hours out of today were spent replacing all four shock absorbers on my little rambler. The most difficult one, by far, was the left rear, as I had to work around the colossal muffler of much impedence with my wrench and breaker bar, and have specks of mud constantly falling into my face and hair. The front installations went much more smoothly, since the nuts were not near-impossibly tight and I could work from the side. I am glad I got that out of the way.

As for my future plans, in a nutshell, I need a job (and don't need any more reminding, either). That would lead to other things, such as being able to afford a better place to live than my present shoebox. Not that it's bad, it's just far from optimal. I wouldn't mind living in a place where any observer could clearly distinguish the living room from the bedroom from the kitchen. A private balcony would be a nice touch. In any case, it looks as if I'll be staying in Hilo for quite awhile, if things work out at all. I honestly don't have either the desire or the means to move to any other particular location right now. Yup, I guess I'll just have to continue putting up with all the rain, mold, and frogs. Such a dreary place to live... well, it wouldn't hurt my feelings if more people decided to move away. ^_^

I am anxious to see whether my degree in May will actually help me get involved in any 'important' work. I would like to think that what matters most is how hard you studied and what a dedicated hard worker you are, rather than who you happen to know, how good you are at showing interviewers what a perfect people person you are as you show your flawless set of snow-white teeth, and how many bullshit clubs and organisations you signed up for just to impress people. But I know better.

Looks like I'll just be "winging it." Hey, that's what I've been doing my whole life, so I must be good at it!

Just as I mentioned on FS, licking the battery contacts on the back of my cell phone results in a very unique sensation.

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