Dec 7, 2005

I'll find a way to another dimension, far beyond reality

I have been listening to an awful lot of Nightingale lately. Well, the select Nightingale songs I managed to cram onto a CD-R, at least. It probably won't be long before I start burning all the albums onto CD's and start taking them with me on the road. This is one of those very special bands that greatly appeals to my musical sensibilities enough for me to become utterly obsessed with their music.

Nightingale's music is certainly more accessible than much of the hard-edged music I listen to, but still far from poppish (I suppose the song "Steal the Moon" could be an exception; it's catchy as hell and could easily be a mainstream radio hit). It's invigoratingly heavy and energetic at times, enchantingly somber and down-tempo at other times, and upliftingly dark overall. The melodies in some of the songs often leave me spellbound with their haunting beauty. The lyrical themes very commonly center around reincarnation and the afterlife, so I naturally find them appealing. My absolute favourite songs thus far:

Shadowman (Alive Again)
Shadowland Serenade (Alive Again)
Nightfall Overture (The Breathing Shadow)
The Dreamreader (The Breathing Shadow)
Deep Inside of Nowheere (The Closing Chronicles)
Steal the Moon (The Closing Chronicles)
Intermezzo (The Closing Chronicles)

I still have yet to obtain a couple more of their albums.

Then there is Another Life, the other band I have been obsessed with lately that I actually consider a counterpart of sorts to Nightingale. Perhaps that's because the illustrious Dan Swano is involved in both bands. To my knowledge, they still don't have an official album out yet, but the songs they made available for download I found quite marvelous: "Concealed by Fright" and "Reflections" in particular.

I haven't posted here in a couple weeks and all I can bring myself to write about is what music I have been listening to. How pathetic.

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