Dec 14, 2005

You bring me closer to COD!

Daily discovery of today: nothing drowns out the annoyances of the world better than hardcore industrial music.

It would seem my car stereo was custom made for the genre, because it just sounds spectacular at the 24 or 25 volume notch. At that volume, I can barely hear me talk to myself, much less to a squirrel in the passenger seat. Admittedly, I enjoy giving a parade of obnoxious giggly girls, screaming kids, and rap junkies a taste of crushing aural ruthlessness. Nothing like 250 obliterating beats per minute to boost my adrenaline, get me thoroughly energized, and heavily stimulate my natural aggressive side. So who's up for dragging their sluggish Awesome Zombie vessels the hell out of my way so I can go home?


Yeah, I thought so. You know what's really awesome? Having to sit on the hard, dirty floor when you take your final because no seats are left. That's way too awesome. Awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome. Phew. Garbage out.

It's true, though, my patience for dealing with people is at an absolute minimum when I'm tired, hot, and mentally fatigued. That is only natural, I suppose. I wanted nothing more than to simply get home as quickly as possible, and hide from the world until a couple hours into darkness. The daylight has simply been too bright, exposing the unpleasantness and mundaneness of ordinary human life much too vividly. I simply have no desire to be out walking amongst them in the sunlight; I find it quite depressing. I just feel like part of the herd. Overly exposed, ordinary, succumbing to the standard programme. Yuckaroo.

Fortunately, Hilo is an entirely different world at night. So is the entire island. In relative darkness, the imagination is forced to compensate for what the eye cannot perceive due to absence of light; light that would otherwise expose every angle, extinguish any sense of intrigue. And the necessary use of imagination results in a world of much more splendor, surrealism, mystery, and majesty. No small wonder I enjoy nighttime wanders so much. Most of the world that surrounds me is created in my powerful imagination ... and very little effort is required to achieve such an effect. It happens naturally. The raw beauty that is henceforth generated is breathtaking.

As for my obsessing over the merits of the evening lately, let me simply say that I have been wandering about in the great outdoors every night. I have consequently been more than a little "moonstruck," and more in touch with my liberated wolven side than I have been in a long time. And it's very gratifying, very. **Flashes a lusty bestial grin** Wheee, I'm feral! And pistachios! How green and salty and delightful they can be this time of year.

Little things, like being able to listen to great music along my ten minute drive to school, allow me to tolerate and in a sense, enjoy ventures out into the real world to fulfill obligations that aren't necessarily pleasant. Music is important. I take it very seriously. Hearing bad music on occasion is important for reminding me of the other side of the spectrum ... the one I prefer to isolate myself from as much as possible. But as they say... know your enemy well. That's right, be aware of those motherfuckers! Those screeching little bastard children who are soon to be converted into premium human sandwiches through the work of 10 tenderising claws and an industrial meat grinder.

**Rolls over on the floor, carving mystical designs into his chest with a Christmas tree air freshener** I want my fliptop lids, goddamnit. **Throws a baked potato at the weatherman**

Ah yes, as is obvious, my playful side has been in full force lately. Just wait until my last final is over and see how playful I am then! **Dons his santa hat** A nice little celebration of el fin de semester should occur on Friday. It's about time to get together with my homefurs and eat Chinese food again and see Narnia, finally. I miss spending time with 'em.

And... according to the bulletin board buzz, apparently there is someone on this island with the alias "DJ Dragonick" who spins rave/house music at full moon parties. **Raises eyebrow** Must get more info.


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Kinuki said...

Yay, feral! Hooray for lusty bestial grins! *pounces*

I'd definitely say you're an energetic wolf lately; your entire post betrays it (what with the subject switching every few sentences =P).

But how I do love your playful side! ;)

All kidding aside, I'm glad to know you're in a good, albeit odd (in a good way! ^^), mood. I've just begun to realize how much nature can have a calming affect on me, seeing as I haven't been in touch with my more natural side in a lo~ng time (seeing as how the defintion of 'nature' around here seems to be a plot of barren land no bigger than a house ><). So I'm beginning to see why it liberates your spirit the way it does, and quite glad that you're able to relax and enjoy it to calm yourself down and relax when life has you stressed. ^^

And remember: no matter how much life gets you down, all you need are soem good furiends, some good food, some good movies, and soem pies to really have a good time and lose yourself. And your furiends will always be here for you to lose yourself in.