Sep 20, 2005

One thing that really, really peeves me is when someone chews their gum noisily. I always thought gum chewing looked stupid as it is, but when I hear that awful smacking noise coming from someone's mouth, I want to reach out and slap them. It's far, far worse when they invade my space and do it, as just happened five minutes ago at the internet terminal. And the way she's pulverising the keys on her keyboard gives me the impression she's trying to pound them into the ground halfway to the Middle East. I wish I had a fly swatter to take care of some of these pests surrounding me.

If you're going to chew gum like a cow chews its cud, go out in a pasture and chew your fucking gum. I hope your keyboard explodes in your face and you get seven years bad luck, you cunt.

It's not that I'm in a bad mood, it's just that some people are programmed to get on my nerves. I'll feel fine as soon as I step outside, past all the cigarette smoke.


Anonymous said...

I will be the first to admit, I can be one of those gum chewers you mentioned. I don't chew my gum noisily, though I like to make bubbles and then pop them, noisily. I can see how annoying it is.

Anyhow, take it easy.


Lithium said...

I try not to chew my gum in an annoying or noisy manner (because the thought of sounding or looking like a mastacating cow is not really desirable). I do, however, sometimes blow bubbles with my gum, but I do have a way to "pop" them without making any noise.

Very seldomly do I chew gum, anyway and the "obnoxious" chewers really do get on my nerves. I know how easy it is to control the way one consumes their gum, so it gets on my nerves when I see others failing to at least try and be curteous and do something that's painfully simple to achieve.