Sep 30, 2005

It was only a matter of time.

Attack of the Awesome Zombies

Pretty obvious jab at the ridiculous overuse of the word "awesome" as a synonym for "terrific" these days.


Lithium said...

Haha! That was awesome!

(Ah, you've got to love me when I'm being a smartass. Seriously though, you do make a good point; I remember a previous entry of yours that addressed the issue of 'awesome' being such an overused word. There are plenty of words out there perfectly capable of adequately explaining how wonderful something is.

In fact, I just set an example right there, without even intentionally doing so. See, people? It is that simple to do, so there really isn't any excuse for using 'awesome' as if it is a form of diarrhea.

Timberwolf said...

Mm, in one of my lectures, I compiled a list of about 50 adjectives that could be used as synonyms for "awesome." Most of them are fairly common words, too. If you want to demonstrate some originality and intelligence, try using, say, "splendid."

"He is such a splendid friend."

You know I'm never going to give up the fight.