Sep 27, 2005

You miss the point, Mr. Know-it-All Handyman.

Only Jesus provides freedom from the bondage of sin.

...But even He can't undo the knots I tie, those beautiful, meticulously crafted works of art which reflect how seriously I take my bondage. It is deliberately Jesus-proof, for who knows on what day He may arrive and try to ruin my fun.

I got a middle C on my remote sensing exam. I am hardly disappointed, considering I was half-expecting to fail and was consequently dreading the part where the exam is handed back and I am pressured to view my score. Considering the class average was a 67% (this is a class full of relatively bright, serious seniors, mind), it certainly shows a fault on the instructor's part. Either he made the exam unreasonably difficult or his South Korean accent is easily misinterpretable. The good news is that I have the opportunity to go back and correct my wrong answers, thus elevating my score to a solid B.

Despite the fact that I am going to be eating, drinking, and breathing statistics principles until my stats test on Friday, I am a much calmer wolf today.

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Lithium said...

I know what you mean about there being some form of neglect from a lecturer. I have encountered it several times myself, and have found myself feeling irritated by it. My current lecturer, for example, is not only poor with english and an easy-to-understand accent, but I often wonder how much he truly knows.

Once the network failed in one of the computer labs, and his method for diagnosis and solution was to unplug the cat-5 cable from the switch and shake it beside his ear, then plug it back in.

I almost strangled him.

I was the one who ended up fixing the network in the end, and that's the point I'm trying to make, really. If I ever get something "wrong" with him, it usually isn't because I don't know the answer, it's more that I have difficulty working with him and understanding the point he's trying to make. He often gives incredibly unclear instructions and explainations.

Heh, sorry to rant, my dear.