Sep 15, 2005

Rain + Darkness = yes

Why are storm drains called storm drains? Logically, one would expect them to be called "rain drains." They drain rain, but they don't drain storms. Most of the time, they're draining rain that has nothing to do with any storm. To be more inclusive, though, they should be called "fluid drains," as quite often more substances go down those things than pure water.

Lately, the rain has been a very reliable source of consolation for me. Just watching it fall, whether I'm watching it from afar or am intimately wrapped up in its effusive embrace, takes my mind away from most if not all things that have been troubling me. Taking a stroll in a nice rainshower is a marvelous respite from the ins and outs of everyday life. It refreshes my body, mind, and spirit, and often makes me feel almost brand new.

This area has been under a flash flood warning all morning, and several of the roads are closed. After hearing it coming down hard all morning, I decided to finally rise at 11:00 and wander down to the bridge near the Riverside Dungeon. Never in my life had I seen the river so high or so violent. It was truly a stupendous sight; the water was a deep muddy brown and was rushing so quickly, trying to follow the next log or broken tree branch washing down its rapids was almost dizzying. I spent a few minutes just staring, captivated by its fury. Later, I decided to walk along the sidewalks of the main highway across town, parts of which were completely inundated. A few attendants sat in front of a gas station inaccessible by any vehicle, watching the water slowly rise around them. Cars sat in parking lots where the water had reached just past the tops of their tires. It was an interesting little walk, and the way it's still raining muskrats and frogs as I type this, well... some people could be in a little trouble.

Now would not be a good time to swim across the river.

I only smile in the dark
My only comfort is the night gone black
I didn’t accidentally tell you that
I’m only happy when it rains.

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