Sep 22, 2005

Spring-loaded routine.

Can someone please feature my blog? I strongly desire a whirlwind of comments posted by a body builder notifying me that I qualify for a free mobile scooter (and it had better be anointed!)

Sometimes, I really feel compelled to question my study habits. When it comes to a midterm (well, actually, let me henceforth substitute that term with something a little less innately dreadful: exam), I often find myself putting off not only reviewing much of the content until the day before the test, but also learning it. There is a certain advantage to having to write a weekly essay on the assigned readings for each week: it forces the student to do the assigned readings on a weekly basis to receive credit. For the very reason that my tourism course forces me to do this, I prognosticate that studying for the single exam in the class probably won't be such a grueling task. In contrast, I spent a good eight consecutive hours last night glazing over the relevant chapters for my remote sensing exam today, learning most of it for the first time rather than going over it.

See, one of the most important factors in being successful in institutions of higher learning is having the ability to manage one's time wisely. I am taking six courses at once, and trying to use my available studying time to study for each of them to a sufficient extent is a far greater challenge than actually comprehending or absorbing any of the educational content. A couple days before a big exam, I become utterly obsessive about it, and can hardly relax until it is over with. Before that tension begins, it is certainly a good idea to have completed any assignments due on the day of or two days before the exam. Otherwise, I simply will not be able to concentrate on those assignments at all, as I will be too busy studying obsessively for the exam. If, by chance, I have two big exams on the same day, then it gets really, really messy, and I can easily envision my mind as having quickly developed the consistency of pistachio pudding.

Admittedly, writing about homework and studying bores me far greater than doing actually studying does, so I should just stop. I have a big test in two and a half hours, and I may as well obsessively cram as much as I can into my bloated brain.

Rita, though as of this moment having lost some of its strength, is forecasted to make landfall as an extremely powerful storm and devastate the lives of thousands. Time for our nation's people to perpetuate the great American spirit of compassion and generosity by bitching about rising gas prices again. Just look at what God sends our way in return for liberating the formerly oppressed Iraqi people and defending America's freedom!

Last night, I dreamt I was a participant in a professional golf tournament, and my score was something like +50923 -21. Not only that, I was dressed up in a rooster costume with large money bills sewed on like patches all over my chest. Should this represent some kind of subtle symbolic message that golfing is for rich, arrogant cocks?

I'm feeling very feral again. Another day, another opportunity to creep out a fresh set of random strangers! It barely takes any effort anymore, and is usually accomplished simply by doing the following:

1. Refraining from combing hair after getting out of bed in the morning.
2. Not shaving for a few days. There is something to be said for looking pale and grizzled.
3. Only using an umbrella when it's bright and sunny out (doesn't apply to today- it's beautiful and rainy).
4. Being perfectly silent as much as possible.
5. Playing :wumpscut: loudly while cruising down the street (hey, I love danceable industrial brutality!)
6. Leering with a mean gaze/staring blankly at someone as if trying to fathom some type of alien life form (hey, people do it to me all the time, especially 7-11 clerks).
7. Appearing to be riveted and deeply inspired by a lecture in statistics class.
8. Acting natural.

My mother probably interpreted differently when I assured her that I have a lot of fun with people.

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