Oct 2, 2005

Kawaii? More like Kauai.

Anime is so fucking lame.

A fairly general statement, I know, but it adequately summarises the overall impression that I get whenever I see a "hot" anime chick flaunting her disgusting figure in someone's forum signature image, or view any anime on TV, be it kid or adult-oriented. It could not possibly get any worse than kid shows like "Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go," but I imagine such a thing is a joke even amongst the anime community. At least, I hope it is.

Actually, I think more "sophisticated" programmes like Hellsing and Full Metal Alchemist are almost as bad. The characters in FMA look and act just as stupid to me as the characters in Dragonball Z. I could not get myself involved in the story at all. The only anime show I've ever managed to sit all the way through was Wolf's Rain, but only because of its slightly furry theme. Otherwise, it was quite a bore, and the characters as humans just got on my nerves.

I don't not like anime just to be different. I have tried as hard as I could to find some reason to respect it, but have not yet succeeded. Apparently, anime is something I simply cannot appreciate. And I would just leave it at that and let people like what they want to like, if it wasn't for disconcerting little notes like these:

"it's pretty funny you say you don't like anime, and say your play dumb games like starfox adventures which has a bad plot and little stuff to do besides hit things with a stick. Appreciating great anime requires discerning taste and apparently all you have is a fondness for simlplistic (sic) kiddy games."

One idiot giving the entire village a bad name? Not quite, as I have quite a few other anime junkies who have said similar things to me. This group of buffoons is a very, very large reason as to why I dislike anime culture so much. Clearly, it goes well beyond the annoyance of seeing anime girls everywhere with breasts the size of bowling balls and dumbfounded, vacuous expressions on their faces, or pictures of overly emo anime soap opera figures "bleeding through the eyes."

I'm sick of anime. I'm tired of seeing it everywhere, and I'm tired of many of its ridiculous fans.

If I posted this on an anime board somewhere, I could expect to be attacked from every conceivable different direction by obsessive anime fans wearing little ninja outfits their parents got for them at Wal-Mart and wielding katanas and samurai swords they purchased via mail-order. They'll tell me things like:

"lol, you stupid furry, anime is an incredible work of art, man, so go back to your con and hump a raccoon."
"you've probably never even watched decent anime, you've just seen the junk on fox kids, lol, i feel sorry for u."
"love hina is so awesome, if you've never watched that or hellsing, which is awesome, u probably have no idea what your even talking about."
"if u don't like anime, then u shouldn't even be breathing my air. get off my intarweb!!~~~~"
"lol, u have sex with cartoon characters >___> .................................................. mmmmmmmmmmm Tsunade........... ^________~;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;"
"Anime is a higher form of art, and if you cannot appreciate it, then I suppose that means you are a lower being."

Of course, this entry is not meant to directly offend anyone, but if some featherbrained anime otaku sees this and blows up for it, I would be very pleased. I'm aware that it's all a matter of personal taste, and am not insisting that liking anime per se is a bad thing. Respect, however, is not a one way street. If you respect my personal tastes, I'll respect your passion for anime. Too many little quips like the one I posted above, however... well, then they will just culminate into entries like these.

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Lithium said...

I have always wanted to explain that I dislike anime and for what reasons, but I could never think of where to begin or how to adequately put it. You, however, have stolen the words right from my mouth and placed them here, saying exactly what is on my mind in such a beautiful mannar.

...And here I was thinking I was the only one on Earth who didn't have an interest in anime. I'm tired of seeing it and hearing about it; those avatars on certains forums are beginning to push me to the limit with how much more anime I can accept to tolerate.

Not to mention that some guy in my lecture is an anime fan, and takes a good amount of time speaking about a certain anime show that I failed to pay enough attention to remember the name of. Ah, regardless, I too find anime difficult to appreciate or even slightly like.

Then again, most things that originate from the same countries as anime tend not to make it on my list of interests. It isn't anything racist toward them, I just don't think their cartoons or interests are very good. The concepts for half of these anime shows ...who thinks of them?

An anime show revolved around battling each other with cards? I almost wanted to put a pistol to my head.

...I say too much...