Oct 29, 2005

Krystal! I've got a couple of blog-related issues you may be able to assist me with. I figure you would be the most likely one to be able to help me with this.

First, the sidebar over there seems to sporadically drift down to the bottom of the page at times. Any idea what that happens? Even removing all the images in my blog and replacing them with hyperlinks didn't solve the problem this time.

Also, I would like to make my comments expand on the same page as your blog does, rather than open in a new window. Is there some special coding you threw in for that?


Vittra said...

I have sent you a PM at a forum you are more than aware we both attend, which explains your problems. I would address it in a comment here, but I find it difficult to keep track of things, especially when it comes to the lack of adequate HTML tag support.

I hope I have helped.

Timberwolf said...

Testing comment feature.