Oct 27, 2005

Last night, while on one of my customary midnight bike rides, I decided to take a little stroll through Homelani Cemetery in the middle of town. The atmosphere was delightfully serene, as usual, and it was an unusually clear, starry evening.

I noticed something odd, however, about the centre chapel. All of its entrance doors were wide open and white light was pouring out through the doorways. Being the curious ball of fluff that I am, I approached it to investigate.

All the doors had been forcefully busted open- recently, it seemed. None of the flower bouquets or engraved plaques lining the wall appeared to be touched, but the lock on the door leading into the office was jacked, and I found part of it lying on the floor. I found it odd someone would be inclined to break into a cemetery chapel, personally. A wooden staircase led up into darkness, and I decided to remove my sandals and tread up the stairs as quietly as possible. Who knew what horrible monstrosity I would encounter at the top!

I noticed little else in the dimly lit room besides computer monitors and plenty of filing cabinets. Nothing appeared to be touched, save for a filing cabinet whose top drawer was slightly ajar. Someone may have been after someone's records, perhaps.

If the doors are still wide open in the middle of the night, I may return there on Hallow's eve and mess around a little, just for the thrill of it. I'm a strange, strange cub, but then again, I'm not the one who broke in there in the first place.

This weekend should be eventful. I'll probably go home on Friday night and spent most of Saturday going to a beach on the west side, since my brother will be home for a couple days and my entire family expects me to join them for a family outing. I'm sure I'll get through it... and probably come back to my apartment before Saturday night or Sunday to do another round of beaching on Sunday with Susi and Akuro. I have a few places to show them.

And speaking of Susi and Akuro, I am extremely glad I met them. Well, more than glad. Elated. Only a couple days ago did we actually go out and do anything together for the first time, and they have already impacted my life in a very positive way. They are both such sensational individuals; the kind of people who could actually help to restore any faith I may have once had in humankind (though we know none of us are altogether human). What compels me to make such a comment about them? The following, for starters:

I was feeling extremely sour yesterday, and was so sickened and disgusted by the people around me that I had to ditch my last class, avoid going to the GLO meeting, and return to my apartment to hibernate and try to extinguish my own fuse before I snapped at someone. I had been encountering nearly every single one of my top ten pet peeves that day in great abundance, and was having a very difficult time restraining myself from hurting someone else or myself.

Though, cheesy as it may sound, as soon as Wolf messaged me on ICQ, things started looking up. He mentioned missing me at GLO that day, and I told him the truth about why I didn't make it. Upon receiving this information he was extremely supportive, more so than I would expect most to be for me. I was very pleasantly surprised when he asked me if there was anything he could do for me or bring to me. I mentioned somewhat jestingly that some of his homemade sushi would be nice. Then, he promised that he would make some and bring it to me the next day if I gave him directions to my apartment! By the time I finished chatting with his mate Akuro, I was feeling very upbeat, especially knowing I still had yet to talk to my best friend on the phone a little bit later.

Susi did come by at about 2:30 today, bringing a plate full of sushi he prepared himself, and it was, of course, delicious. He complimented my taste in movies and video games and said he felt we had plenty in common. I had suspected such a thing all along. We watched some of the Best of James Belushi DVD, finding hilarity in such sketches as "Star Trek," "Samurai Night Fever," and "Wilderness Comedian." When he said he had the fondest memories of playing Goldeneye 007 on N64, I wanted to hug him. And we did do a customary furry hug before he left!

The more time I spend with these kinds of people, the better I feel as a person. If I could surround myself with such positivity more often, I'm likely to exude much more positive energy myself. No, this does not mean I'm going to be greeting every stranger on the street like a ray of sunshine; far from it. I'm just going to feel much more positive in general, and have a little more to share with others who are similar to me. Thank Rayg for those individuals. If there's one thing I've realized, it's definitely wise not to associate myself with a group full of perpetually miserable assholes who too easily influence me to be one of them. It makes me so glad I pulled out of online cesspools like VGC when I did, though I regret not doing so sooner. I've an increasing desire to be seen for who I truly am.

Oh, and by the way, a storm brought some awfully high waves the other day...

...and it poured for most of this afternoon. As I was driving back into Hilo from Honoli'i, I couldn't help but stare at a humongous black cloud hanging over most of the town and the bay, drenching everything with large, heavy raindrops. Mmm.


Vittra said...

It has been raining, storming even, for the past few days here. We'll get some moments of a fine day, before a rather aggressive and beautiful storm moves in. For the past few nights, I have simply stepped outside and gone for a walk, for an hour or more at times, in the rain. I'd never bother with an umbrealla, or any protective clothing.

I just walked, allowing the rain to soak every part of me that it could. I'd walk slowly, making no attempt to avoid it, either. I always enjoy the feeling I get when walking down a darkened street in the dead of the night, and briefly having my surroundings illuminated by the flashes of random lighting. It always makes me smile to see it stretching across the sky a different way every time.

...Yeah, I'm a big fan of storms and that image is wonderful!

Anonymous said...


I'm glad to see that there are some positive upbeats in your life. Kudo's to you.

It is nice to have met individuals that you're able to get along with and connect with. That is an amazing thing that can exist between two or more people.

Anyhow, hope things will continue to look up.