Oct 13, 2005

This title is entirely irrelevant.

Earlier today, before and during my first two classes, I couldn't help but to recall this past summer and many of my finest memories of it. My mainland trip was, overall, a very enlightening, horizon-expanding, enjoyable experience. I doubt many had the patience to read through my agonisingly long five part account of it, so here is a wee list of some of the ultimate highlights of the trip:

  • Experienced big city culture in Seattle and Vancouver for a few days, and liked it.
  • Finally set paw into Canada.
  • Fell in love with the Canadian Rockies, and thought very highly of Montana.
  • The surreal ferry trip to Vancouver Island. Many regular passengers seemed to think nothing of it, but I couldn't help but stand out on the sundeck and experience the cold northern wind caressing my body as I gazed out at the distant rainstorms in captivation, spirit seized by beauty.
  • Entire trip put into perspective just how special and unique Hawaii is.
  • Met my best online friend Ian in person for the first time, and from then on was able to kick the "online" out of "best online friend."
  • Attended my first rave with him, which was one of the most amazing and enlightening experiences of my life.
  • Got to see my brother's place in West Hollywood and realized how good I have it here in Hilo.

Though, it was just as splendid to have Ian come out here for a month. I still remember vividly what we did the first day he was here. I took him to the harbour grille for dinner, then simply cruised around town for awhile in the late afternoon and went to Borders. After darkness arrived, we drove up Mt. Hualalai's slopes on Kaloko Drive, which immersed in a different world. The air was dry and cool, everything was incredibly quiet, and the sky was full of stars.

When we were that alone, and many times later on we were, we could be free to be ourselves. It's almost as if we have created our own little world together. We each had our respective fursonas we assumed and a seemingly bottomless wealth of inside jokes we shared that often sent us both spiralling into fits of laughter. We had a way of mocking losers and dumb people we both knew, as well as making fun of lame metal bands. We both understood each other so well, and connected very deeply on an emotional and spiritual level. Haven't I ever told anyone that he is my real brother?!

... Nothing has changed except for the fact that he isn't here. Some of my fondest memories involve us going for drives in the middle of the night with no specific destination in mind while the rain pattered against the windshield and the cab was filled with the acoustics of orgasmic trance music that had our heads bobbing up and down simultaneously. The beauty we witnessed together, be it in the form of sunsets, rainshowers, thunderstorms, or epic mountain and ocean views, was spellbinding, and the fact that we were together to experience it made such spectacles even more beautiful. Being as we spent nearly every waking moment together, the conflicts we experienced between each other were few and far between. In fact, it's quite amazing we got along as well as we did, being as both of us are individuals who require a great deal of privacy and confidentiality when it comes to nearly everyone... but that just goes to show how strong and sacred our brotherly bond is. I shall never let go of it, either. We have given each other a substantial amount of support since we met in early 2004. I never thought I would find someone so much like me, that I could get along with so well. I love him! **Pouncehuggles thin air**

I would just like to do something simliar again, though charging a ticket on a credit card to invite a friend over was a one-time thing and cannot really be made a habit of. Hopefully, I'll actually be able to pay for such a thing by this coming summer or something else can be worked out. Perhaps I should plan on quickly paying off my credit card debt (which isn't unreasonably high) once I do get a job.

Today, I met a couple of furries in my hometown. It was an exceptionally positive experience, which is what I truly needed as of late. One of them is every bit as much of a wolf as I am, and the other is a dragon. Ironically, both of them had been attending a 1:00 class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday just next door from mine all semester. I only managed to meet them because someone who knew them and had heard they moved to Hilo sent me Wolf Ekko's e-mail address. So, I e-mailed Susi (the wolf, aka Wolf Ekko) and he gave me his ICQ number. We chatted online for two or three days, and we set up a time and place to meet ...today.

After my classes were over, I walked into the place we had agreed to meet. A few other people were there, and greeted me rather warmly as I walked in a sat down, then resumed talking. Only a few moments later, I glanced over to my right, and noticed someone holding up in my direction a sheet of paper that stated, "FUR?" in large lettering. The moment I saw that I smiled, nodded my head, and gave a thumbs up sign, and he reacted similarly. After he introduced his ideas and plan for a game show he was writing (one I am rather fond of and wouldn't mind getting involved in) and several people had to go, we started to converse. A very, very cool guy he is, but hey, he's a fellow fur... how could he not be? I was soon introduced to his mate, Akuro the dragon, who is a German fur. Too fabulous, I must say... and he was generous enough to buy his voracious furiends dinner.

I feel that adequately and concisely sums up my pleasant experience of the day. I'd just better watch my tail, because Susi is obsessed with messy game shows and is likely to pie me... or possibly drench my entire head in slime. Knowing me, I'll probably just set myself up for it.

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