Oct 23, 2005

Like intranssient sparks in a pitch black hollow.

I experienced perfection this morning. Or, at least, about the closest thing to perfection that reality would allow.

It came unto me outdoors, of course. No, I didn't find Jesus out there, but I did find rejuvenation, refreshment, and absolute heart-stopping beauty.

Rarely do I hear the tranquilising roar of surf from my apartment window. Only when the waves are unusually high and powerful due to winter storm surges am I able to listen to them crash against the sea cliffs. When I first detected the faint rumbling sound around 12:30 this morning, I mistook it for another military aircraft taking off- or perhaps thunder on the horizon. Then, I recalled seeing a high surf advisory posted earlier, and the light bulb switched on.

The delightful forces of nature draw me outdoors more often than not, especially when they are relatively rare occurences. I quickly threw on some appropriate clothes (shorts and a t-shirt, what else?), pulled my bike out of Big Red, and took off for Honoli'i, a world famous surfing spot only about a ten minute ride from my apartment. I didn't see anyone down there, but did witness some bodaciously big waves rolling in.

On a side note, my first visit to Honoli'i was only about a month ago. Once I saw what a delightful little place it was, I was overcome with amazement that I had lived on the island for so many years and had never made it down there before. By day, it is jam-packed with surfers, since it is probably -the- most popular surfing location on the island, or at least on the east side. The crowd doesn't even detract from the allure of the place, though. The narrow road leads down the face of the sea cliff, and from there a long set of concrete stairs takes one down to a grassy area with a nicely manicured garden and picnic tables, not to mention designs formed using boulders. The view across the bay from there is gorgeous, especially on a typical overcast afternoon. Last time I was there during the day, the water appeared a spectacular metallic blue. It is indeed a full-on beach park with bathrooms, showers, and a lifeguard station, but there are absolutely no signs designating its location. It's a true "local" spot.

Oh, I should mention that the one lane road continues on under the highway bridge and up the gulch, eventualy crossing the gulch and looping back up toward the next small town. The scenery along this stretch is awe-inspiring, with lush green foliage everywhere and lovely waterfalls. Sometimes, even I have trouble believing that such beauty can be found so close to home.

I only spent a few minutes down there this morning, before heading back up the road and crossing the highway to ride up the private road leading past Alae Cemetery. It's steep, and there's a nasty little barricade I have to get over on the way, but it's more than worth it. The reward? Probably the best view of the city at night there is to be found anywhere.

At a four-way intersection of private paved roads, I stopped and tried to take in the incredible view. I could see the lights of the harbour, the malls, the subdivisions behind Prince Kuhio Plaza, and all of downtown. In short, I was experiencing a breathtaking panorama of nearly all of Hilo. I had seen it before, but for some reason, it possessed an even more majestic quality this morning than it ever had before. I became hypnotised by the city lights.

The rain had fallen quite heavily for twenty minutes previous, and yes, I was soaked to the bone. But rain has a way of cooling, cleaning, and purifying the air, not to mention my spirit. Beyond the city lights loomed a dense band of dark, heavy clouds, while just above me, the half moon was beginning to show. I couldn't hope to put it into words exactly why I found it so beautiful.

It was so serene, though. I couldn't hear much other than the rhythms of insects- there were no coqui frogs up there. The fragrance of passion flowers was ever-present, and the air felt soft, cool, and pleasing against my skin. Like I said... everything was perfect. I was infused with a profound sense of euphoria. I did not want to leave this remarkable place. Only when a dog started barking, consequently snapping me out of my trance, did I finally hop on my bike and ride back down.

Now, I feel more relaxed and rejuvenated than I have in awhile. I hope it lasts for at least a little while, because it is certainly what I needed.

"The moments are what make life worth living." It's an all-too-common cliche, but it is also the absolute truth. An entire day of frustration and stress was more than made up for in just a few moments this morning. Rayg, I missed that feeling of euphoria. I missed it tremendously.

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